Ten Life Hacks for an Easier Morning with Kids

Ten Life Hacks for an Easier Morning with Kids

School days can be exhausting right? From hurrying to get the kids ready and off to school in time, weekdays can be very stressful. The following life hacks will make your mornings’ less stressful. You might even find that morning before school becomes enjoyable with these routines.

Ten Life Hacks for an Easier Morning with Kids

  1. Rest and Rise at the same time

One life hack for a less stressful morning is to get your kids on a regular schedule. If you put them to bed and wake them up at the same time every day then mornings will be pretty much a smooth ride. If they are still hesitant to wake up in the morning then it may be worth investing in cute alarm clocks for kids.

  1. Play some music

To help smooth the waking up process, try playing your kids’ favorite songs. Choose a playlist with all their favorite songs ranging from quiet songs to songs that are more energetic and play it while they get dressed and perform other grooming activities. The music will help motivate them and ensure it remains as part of your morning routine.

  1. Establish a routine

Establishing a routine means doing all the activities on your routine in the same order every day. This ensures that your kids can adapt to it quickly and will put up less resistance with time. A visual checklist is a big help and it will help your kids check off their tasks with enthusiasm.

  1. Organize the Bathroom

Disorganized bathrooms lead to a waste of time in searching for the toiletries you need in the morning. To avoid time wastage, ensure your kids’ bathroom is organized so that they know exactly where their toiletries are. This blog has helpful tips on how to organize your kids’ bathroom.

  1. Make a healthy and quick breakfast

Making breakfast does not need to take up an hour of your time. Look at these recipes for easy and healthy breakfasts that you can make for your kids. After making a quick breakfast, there will be enough time left over to handle other tasks and your kids will be full until lunch.

  1. Pack Lunches the previous night

Making breakfast and lunches at the same time in the morning can make your kids run late. Instead, try packing school lunches the previous night. Read these tips for simplifying the process of packing school lunches.

  1. Arrange school outfits the night before

You can have an easier morning by letting your kids help pick out the outfits they want to wear the next day. Lay them out so that your kids can dress immediately after showers saving time. If your kids are still too young to eat without dirtying their clothes, you can wait until after breakfast to change them but having outfits already picked out lightens your burden.

  1. Organize your mudroom

Another life hack is to organize your kids’ backpacks, shoes and books neatly to avoid the confusing and time-consuming search in the morning. If you do not have a mudroom then create an area to organize these essentials to prevent those “I can’t find this” moments from your children with storage solutions from stores like Costco or Target.

  1. Incentives

You may call it incentives but it is bribery regardless of how you look at it. Incentivize your kids to finish their morning routine early by offering a reward such as ice cream after school or a glass of chocolate milk. Kids are different and you should use their likes to motivate them. They will be motivated and you will spend less time micromanaging them.

  1. Wake up Earlier

While these hacks may smooth your mornings, there is no magic that allows you more hours in the morning. If you are regularly late, confused and stressed out, try waking up even half an hour earlier. Use the extra time to prepare for a school day without the kids or wake up everyone earlier to get an early start on the day.

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