Costco Benefits I Bet You Didn’t Know About

Costco Benefits I Bet You Didn't Know About

Costco is a well-known store-of-all-trades sort, with the extra benefit of reduced prices for members, as well as the ability to buy some of the most consistent everyday items in bulk. You might love the brand for their delectable hot dogs and super-size muffin pack; but we bet you didn’t know about some of the Costco membership benefits that we’re about to list in the following piece. Given that most of these are the kinds of things you need anyway, you are encouraged to take a look at Costco and see how these deals square with your budget. We presume they will do quite nicely.

Costco Benefits I Bet You Didn't Know About

  1. You Can Refill Cartridges of Printer Ink

As a Costco member, one of the many useful things you can access is their inkjet refill offer. Instead of buying new cartridges every few months or so (depending on your household usage; more if you have an in-home office), you can simply bring them in and save 70% by having them refilled. It’s a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, as well.

  1. Costco’s Medical Insurance Offer

Everyone needs a medical insurance plan – unless you’re wealthy beyond all “reason.” For the common man and woman, however, all it takes is a one-week-long illness to convince you of the utility of a medical insurance plan; Costco members who are sole proprietors or small business owners have plans that are well-tailored to suit their needs.

  1. A Celebration For Less – Birthday Cakes

The Costco bakery section is, by all accounts, considerable. They’ve got Danishes, Pan de Leche, cakes and more – and the prices are unbeatable. The costs become even better around certain times of the year; consider getting a large cake from Costco for your son or daughter’s next birthday – just become a member to really take advantage of the available deals. Rest assured; you will not be sacrificing taste for the price here.

  1. Health Screens for Free

Health screenings are the ultimate in preventative care; free health screenings are even better. Why not drop by your local Costco to see if they’re offering one per person? Better yet, call ahead or do an online search, so that you can find the information you need before making a trip. The free health screens can check for osteoporosis, diabetes, and the onset of other common ailments.

  1. Shopping for Cheap at Costco

This is one of the most attractive benefits of Costco membership – the low, low prices that are available every day for members. They specialize in selling bulk items; check the aisles for items that your family uses in large quantities. Keep an eye especially on those things that have a long shelf life, and stock up on them at Costco.

  1. Glasses

Do you need reading glasses? Most of us do as we age – or simply as a result of astigmatisms and other minor optical issues. Also, if you are in the habit of misplacing your eyeglasses like we do in our household, then a multi-package investment from Costco becomes worthwhile very quickly! Ask about their group vision plans if multiple members of your family need glasses, too.

  1. Gift Cards and Movie Tickets for Cheap

Never underestimate the total cost for a night out at the movies – especially if you’ve got a date, or kids over the minimum age, in tow. The price can quickly get up there once you include the obligatory concession store movie snacks; that’s why the discounted movie tickets offered by Costco are such a relief. The average amount you save can be as much as $5 off a $25 admission ticket for two.

Costco also has plenty of gift card options from which to choose. Looking to send the in-laws to dinner? Or to send a friend to Bed Bath & Beyond for a shower curtain? Costco has the relevant gift cards.

  1. Prescription Drugs at Lower Costs

Costco membership also gives you access to prescription drugs at a lower cost – even when compared to direct-from-manufacturer prices. You can of course check with the pharmacy before you make any decisions; in many places, you don’t even have to be a Costco member to access these prices.

  1. Competitively-priced Vaccinations

In addition to the accessibility of medical insurance at a participating Costco (which is practically all of them), you can approach the pharmacy for vaccinations that cost less than probably anywhere else. Alternatively, some of the medical insurance plans already have vaccinations included.

  1. Costco Has Gift Sets You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

This is one of the things unique to Costco; you can find useful/desirable items packaged together in the beauty, housewares, and other sections. Be sure to peruse the aisles for these excellently-priced items – especially as the holiday season approaches.

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