Kids and Healthy Food: How To Get Them To Eat

Kids can be picky eaters at times and many of them refuse to eat healthy, nutritious food. This makes it difficult for parents to maintain their children’s health. As children require proper nourishment, getting them to eat healthy food can be tricky. Here are a few examples of healthy food for your kids, as well as some tips to encourage them to eat properly.

Healthy food for kids

Children are at the crucial point when they need proper nutrition for their growth and development. It might be difficult for parents to arrange for food that provides their kids with proper nutrition. The food they eat should help them in the development of their body, brains, muscles, bones and the rest of their body. Vitamins, fatty acid, minerals, iron and lean protein are their daily nourishment needs.

This nourishment can be provided by food items like blueberries, avocado, broccoli, peanut butter, sweet potato, etc. Blueberries contain antioxidants that can prevent cancer and several other diseases. You can serve them to your kids as snacks or desserts.

Avocado has many mono-unsaturated fats, which is very good for growth. It can be prepared in many ways; it would be best to consult a recipe book or cook book to learn ways to prepare it for your kids. Broccoli is one of the healthiest vegetables available, but kids often “hate” eating it. It contains minerals and vitamins that help prevent cell damage and improve vision. You can serve it to your kids by mixing it with their favourite meals.

Encouraging your kids to eat healthy food

Fruits, vegetables, milk, etc. provide essential nourishment for kids, so even if they don’t like eating them, you can find a way to encourage them. You can make smoothies out of fruits, plain yoghurt, and home-made juice. This way, your kids will have the kind of food they like and get healthy at the same time. You can also cook up a healthy dish, name it something fun, and serve it to your kids. Many kids find food with funny names more tempting and edible.

When you’re serving vegetables to your kids, you can serve it with a tasty and fun dip. This  enhances the flavour and your kid still gets nourishment. Serve them some innovative home-made juice. Kids are always open for new and fun things, so create a healthy juice from a fruit they had picked out for themselves. It would be like an experiment and your kids would love to try it out.

When you’re preparing food for your kids, let them help out. Being a part of something makes kids more interested and excited. If you’re worried about the mess, you can always let them pick out the vegetables and fruits they’d want to try. Let your kids come up with a recipe of their own from healthy ingredients that you’ve chosen; even if it doesn’t taste too good, they will still love it. Be as enthusiastic as they are about healthy food; you can set a good example for your kids and encourage them to eat healthy.


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