Top Three Kid Approved Activities #DanimalsDoesSummer

Who here is a busy parent? Perhaps, it is the hustle and bustle of being a full-time working provider who magically finds ways to still connect with their family at home or maybe that stay-at-home mom *or dad* who between keeping up with the daily activities, house cleaning, sporting events, friends of friends playdates, we still manage to bring a smile to everyone’s face at the end of the day.

Go ahead and raise you hand, we won’t tell. In fact, I want to shake your hand, give you a pat on the back or even a much needed hug. Tell you how amazing of a job you are doing and share a little secret. It is okay. No really; it is okay to let things go every once in awhile. Just jump on board and enjoy a these kid approved activities.

Poolside Snacks with Daminals

Serve finger foods like tea sandwiches, fresh vegetables and Danimals on the back porch unusually late after a fun-filled splashdown in the family pool. Look at it this way, it’s easy to clean up after and the long swim will help tire everyone out before bed. Not to mention the great memories and smile they will take with them into dreamland.

Sioux City Public Museum Dino Dig with MDefined

Go on an adventure in your town. No matter where you live, there is free fun to be found somewhere near by. From the city park, local museums, public pools, bike trails and so much more. The options are endless if you just take a little time to learn more. One of our favorites is the Sioux City Public Museum that offers educational stations, history structures, films, and even a dino dig area for kid’s to explore.

Kid Approved Activities Lake

Kid’s not appreciate your love for the great outdoors? Load us the bikes and head to the local creek/lake/river. Take a long ride around the trails, teach them about living off the land by fishing and local plant life information. Make it fun, laugh a lot, play and be prepared to get dirty if necessary.

Why We Choose Danimals

No matter which kid approved activities you participate in, be sure to pack for the expected and unexpected. Fill a cooler with water bottles, healthy snacks and Danimals from your favorite Wal-Mart. See why we choose Danimals as the perfect summer snack.

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