International Surrogacy: How to set the thing out?

International Surrogacy: How to set the thing out?

Leave no chance to fertility issues with professional medical care. 

Assisted Reproductive Technology plays the leading role among other methods of overcoming problems with child’s birth. 

Surrogacy treatment tends to be one of the most reliable and effective. 

You will be totally in deal with appropriate knowledge about infertility treatment by means of Surrogacy. 

This article will give you the basis and direction with no doubt. 

Surrogacy fundamentals

Surrogacy motherhood is the way to reach the successful conception and baby birth (as a result) via the Surrogate mother services. 

It is especially a good choice in those countries which have stable legal regulations for Surrogacy on a commercial basis (Ukraine, Georgia).

In different countries in the world (some USA states, Norway, Italy, Germany) Surrogacy Motherhood is prohibited on religious, ethical or legal basis.

Some countries partially permit Surrogacy services to be used only on an altruistic basis (Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia).

Only well-regulated and stable legislation in terms of Surrogacy can ensure total security for both parties of the process – spouses (the intended parents) and the Surrogate mothers (mother that bears a child). 

And one more essential aspect is desirable to be complied – The Surrogate Arrangement – legally processed arrangement which can be drawn up according to the requirements of parties. 

This applies to parental rights regulation, birth certificate registration, monetary reward to the Surrogate and her obligations and rights (the same as of the Intended parents).

Surrogacy safety

Safety is the aspect you need to take into account firstly at that very moment as you decide to use Assisted Reproductive Technologies. 

Surrogacy safety majorly depends on the selection of the Surrogate. The Surrogate Mother is the person who bears your baby for 9 months and gives them a birth, so you need to be assured of her health and state.

There are the main strict requirements for woman to become a Surrogate candidate:

  • Average age limits from 19 to 36 years
  • Availability of own healthy child born naturally
  • Good mental and strong physical health (absence of mental disorders)
  • Absence of cesarean section in the anamnesis
  • Positive Rh blood factor 

Of course, every case is unique and special, so requirements can be adjusted to the Intended parents requirements. They can be broadened and specified.

In ADONIS Fertility International, for example, there is its own Surrogate database with a wide selection of Surrogates ready to start the Program immediately. All women are thoroughly examined by several stages to prove their best health. Classification according to the appearance or race is also provided to help the Intended parents choose the best person. 

Moreover, the services of personal assistance during the Surrogate Program will help to give the Surrogate the highest level care while she carries the baby.

Surrogacy abroad

International Surrogacy becomes more and more vаried, so you need to consider enormous variants until you select the one that fits you best. 

The following check-points regarding high-level Surrogacy clinic will help you to set the things out:

  • Professional staff selection
  • Full cycle process in one place
  • Individual management (on each stage of the Program)
  • Long term work in the sphere
  • Approved quality

When you are looking for the Surrogacy Program, look at Ukraine as a dynamically developing country with one of the best medical reproduction treatments in the world. 

ADONIS clinics are the standard of efficiency and high quality. With their own ADONIS Fertility International Headquarter in Colorado Springs, USA which works as a consultation center, their clinics provide the full cycle treatment in Kyiv, Ukraine. Surrogacy abroad and its cost can be really affordable when you choose the right clinic on the market.

Become the happy parents with the best qualitative medicine.

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