Incorporating the Pinterest Board in Your Web Design

Pinterest is one of the best social media sites for eCommerce stores because Pinterest users come to Pinterest in the hopes of finding that perfect gifts for friends, family members, and themselves. According to “Social Media Predictions 2013,” Pinterest took much of the social media world by surprise. Pinterest’s design is a fusion of web design and images. It also allows for increased interaction between the viewers and the eCommerce store owners.

Businesses can obviously set up pins on all of their web pages and product items. If you aren’t doing this, then you should. But you can take it a step further and incorporate a Pinterest board into your actual web design. Viewers like seeing recommended combinations. They enjoy seeing other similar products, and many seem to like the overall feel of Pinterest.

Greatest Attention on the Second and Third Central Rows

When you decide to incorporate the Pinterest board into your web design, you need to consider the visual impact and the connections with content from a Pinterest perspective. According to “Maximizing Pinterest,” viewers focus the most on the second and third central rows. These rows typically remain in the central perspective, but people also assume that these rows are the most important. You may want to put your highest quality items here. You can also switch out the items that appear in this slot to maximize sales that will clear out your online inventory.

Use the Ever Scrolling Feature

Consistent or ever scrolling is one of the more popular features on Pinterest. When incorporating the Pinterest board design in your web design, you should do everything you can to incorporate this feature. Pinterest uses this feature to keep viewers caught up in the browsing experience. Clicking on new pages causes an interruption in that experience, and it gives the viewers a reason to go to another site. Even if you decide against using the Pinterest board in your web design, see if you can incorporate the ever scrolling feature into your current web design so that your products all appear on a single page.

Include More Than Just Products

As an eCommerce store, you might be tempted to only include the products that your store sells. However, the “Pinterest Secrets Guide” explains that most Pinterest users are more inclined to return to a site that includes pins of motivational and inspiring images as well. These images should generally relate to issues that the consumers might be interested in. Adding them in demonstrates an interest in the potential consumer that goes beyond mere salesmanship. It also gives viewers a reason to return and see if you have updated these pins.

The Pinterest social media platform offers a great deal to businesses, and even the Pinterest board can be incorporated into your general web design. To bring these elements in and make them effective, you need to remember a few things. First, remember that the viewer pays the most attention to the second and third central rows. Second, the ever scrolling feature Pinterest uses allows a seamless browsing experience that keeps the customers in the moment. Third, including pins other than products and offering inspirational messages can increase the interest from your customers as they see that you care about them as more than just buyers.

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