How To Choose The Right Centerpiece For Your Room

Furniture is both functional and an excellent vehicle for your decor skills. A well-placed piece of furniture can give a room an entirely different tone. It follows that the right piece of furniture can overhaul a room in a big way, making it more stylish, cozier, or just a nicer place to be.

However, if one piece of furniture can change a room, a well-coordinated set can change an entire home by extension. Coordinating different pieces of furniture and decor takes a certain amount of skill, intuition and a sense of aesthetics, but it is nevertheless rewarding. It is difficult to set right out with such a technique, however. If you’re working from square one decorating a home, trying to coordinate furniture can seem frustrating.

The best solution is often to choose a furniture centerpiece. A centerpiece in this case is the item that ties the room together. Everything else you arrange should match and coordinate well with the centerpiece. By doing this, you greatly narrow your options down, eliminating bad options and restricting your choices almost exclusively to good ones. This makes it a much easier process in general.

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Selecting an ideal furniture centerpiece can be something of an adventure, even for an experienced decorator. First and foremost, you’ll need to pick a source. Shopping online through a merchant like Bombay Company is usually a good option. This will start you with a deeper pool of items to choose from. By choosing a good supplier, you’ll have an easier time selecting a quality item.

For a centerpiece, you want to look for something simple and iconic. A simple, more sedate piece of furniture will be easier to coordinate more elaborate pieces to. The centerpiece, notably, is not necessarily the focus of the room that draws the eye the most. The centerpiece doesn’t need to be a very large piece of furniture either, or even particularly important. It could be a couch, a wardrobe or an ottoman. It is simply the piece that sets the tone.

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Tone should be the primary factor in your decision-making. The general aesthetic of the piece is what you’ll be using to determine the rest of the decor, so you want to get it right the first time. If you go with a piece made of dark, rich wood, the rest of what you select will have to match or complement that. If your selection is modern and minimalist, so should the rest of your decor be.

This is a fairly simple technique, but it has proved effective for decorators for years. It isn’t absolute; once you have determined the way a room should look, making subsequent changes becomes much easier. However, a centerpiece will get you started, allowing you to settle the most challenging element of any decorating project up front. By choosing a centerpiece with care and discernment, you can put yourself on the path to a well-decorated room, which will in turn put you in the running to have a better-looking, more-stylish, more-valuable home.

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