Important Things to Consider When Choosing a Family Dentist

When the time comes for regular dental check-ups, having a reliable and good family dentist is not only convenient, but also ideal. Keeping dental needs down to a singular dental practice fosters familiarity and trust, making communication and effective care easier. Yet, how would an individual find a dentist that is beneficial for the entire family? Here are some tips for finding a worthy, family-friendly dentist.

Loyal and Friendly Staff

The staff of a dental practice reflects heavily on the dentists. Are the receptionists and assistants friendly and patient? Do office workers seem overwhelmed and rushed? Does the staff seem willing to listen without being condescending? Is there a high turnover of employees? The staff’s attitude is likely a direct reflection of the dentist. If the staff is rude, the dentist’ demeanor is probably ruder. If new employees pop up when old employees disappear, the dentist may not be very patient or have a difficult demeanor. Employees that stick around and are genuinely caring are good indications of a thoughtful dentist that treats people with respect.

Family Atmosphere

Another tip off to a good family dentist is the office environment. Does the office cater to adults (i.e. magazines, televisions with informative programming)? Does the office have a play space for children and, possibly, television with educational programming? Dental offices that have something for everyone in the family suggest the dentist is adequately prepared to treat patients of all ages.

Patient with All Types of Children

Make sure the family dentist has an emphatic personality that is well suited for all types of children. For example, a family dentist might be very patient with a typically developing child, but intolerant of a child with autism. Children come in all types of packages and a great family dentist will treat each one with kindness — despite of who they are.


Dentists should be as professionally astute as they are personable. Dentists that keep up with technological advances and education suggest a degree of professional dedication. There is also the option of checking a prospective family dentist’s background. Every state generally keeps a roster of board-certified dentists. Consider checking credentials and disciplinary action records as a precaution.


Receiving an appointment that is months away can mean a family dentist is popular and, therefore, good. However, waiting may not be practical for some families. Keep searching. Plenty of dentists have better availability that happen to be excellent for families.

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