Changing the Way we do Whole Grain with Ian’s Natural Foods Review

Ian’s, the pioneer in allergy-friendly/gluten-free foods that consumers trust, recently introduced two new products to their line in April that shows that gluten free doesn’t mean grain free. They were kind enough to send along both a selection of their product for taste testing with our family.

Ian's Natural Foods Review

The new Southwest Chicken Tenders and Smokin’ Sweet BBQ Nuggets are both made with gluten free, whole-grain brown rice breading and feature the Whole Grains Council stamp. In order to qualify for the Whole Grains Council stamp, a product must contain at least 8 grams of whole grains per serving, which is true of both new products. This helps me keep the food groups balanced in our busy family. Knowing that I am delivering a healthy alternative to what a box meal typically is, helps lessen the guilt of not being able to make everything I bring to the table from scratch.

Ian’s chicken products including the Southwest Chicken Tenders and Smokin’ Sweet BBQ Nuggets are made from whole-muscle breast meat without added hormones or antibiotics, use expeller-pressed canola oil and are free from preservatives, artificial colors or artificial flavors. With GMOs being all over the news and blogs recently, it is no wonder families such as mine are reaching for options that lack this quality. A healthy home is a happy one.

Ian's Southwest Chicken Tenders Review

Now lets talk taste because even though something is healthy doesn’t always have to mean you are missing out on the things that make us crave bad-for-you foods. First thing I noticed immediately when trying both the Southwest Chicken Tenders and Smokin’ Sweet BBQ Nuggets is that despite their title, neither are spicy. While I was a bit disappointed, my children had the opposite opinion. They prefer foods that do not make their eyes water and so they devoured both with glee.

Of the two products, Ian’s Southwest Chicken Tenders were my favorite. The chicken pieces were solid chunks, that making biting into fun. The breading was slightly crispy and yummy. I was fond enough of this selection to buy it again from my local Hy-Vee for my and Low’s lunches during the week. A real it tastes as good as it looks story.

Smokin’ Sweet BBQ Nuggets Review

We had mixed feelings concerning the Smokin’ Sweet BBQ Nuggets. I could tell that there were whole grains mixed in with the chicken nugget. It gave it a rough texture on the tongue similar to watermelon. To be clear though it does not effect the flavor. With these you get a hint of BBQ flavor in each bite and the breading cooks perfectly crunchy. Two of my children didn’t care for the way this selection felt when eating and the other two couldn’t tell a difference. So it seems it really depends on if you are previously sensitive to the way food feels when eating and if you are willing to compromise for a healthier option.

Alphatots Family Pack Review

I also received their Alphatots Family Pack and Onion Rings to help make a more complete lunch selection and I was shocked! Do not let those little letters fool you. They are by far the best tasting fries I have ever made from the frozen food section. There was so much real potato flavor in each little fry.

Ian’s Alphatots are made with top-quality potatoes, shaped into letters of the alphabet. They’re fun, tasty, and free from wheat, gluten, milk, casein, eggs, nuts and soy. And Oh My Goodness Delicious! I could eat them for days and be content. The onion rings played a very close second. Crispy and perfectly flavored. Note I did fry the onion rings because that is the way my family loves them; however baking instructions are provided on the packaging.

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