The Hunt for the Perfect Sippy. NUK Learning System Cup Line Review

In my hunt for the perfect sippy cup, one brand stands out as not only my little guys favorite but also finds it’s way in my top three for quality and design, Nuk. They are the creators of the Gerber Graduates Learning System Cup Line formerly the Ultimate Cup Line. They come in stages 1-4 and cover the beginning soft spout for baby to the expert rim-like for the growing toddler. Now, available in cute, new designs like Fireworks and Frogs which provides something for baby to look at and smile as well as drink from.

My Elliot is a stage 3, hard spout lid and so far it works perfectly with his age (18 months) and personality. The narrow drink hole is ideal for someone so small who tries and tries to take bigger glups than possible. That is one of the biggest reasons I feel in product love with the NUK sippy cup. It only allows him to take in what his tiny mouth can hold. This helps keep him from the coughing effected which leads to liquid everywhere.

The Gerber Graduates Sippy Cup is dishwasher save and comes in three pieces which allows for a more sterial clean. The only downfall is the white insert which after a about two weeks of uses needs a little more than a normal wash to clean out. Since this allows for the sucion action, you can imagine that liquids can get trapped in the side of the insert. I like to clean this well with a q-tip, soap and water twice a month just to keep it white and be on the safe side.

I am thrilled to have found NUK sippy cups. To be honest we went through at least 7 previous styles and brands before finding one that makes both mom and baby happy. I would gladly suggest them to anyone on the hunt for the perfect sippy!

NUK sippy cups grow with your baby. There is a cup for every stage — from 6 months to toddler – and in a variety of sizes and colors. NUK’s unique design eases the transition from bottle or breast to real cup.

NUK sippy cups:

  • Are available with or without handles and in small or large sizes.
  • Feature soft or hard spouts designed to support your baby’s oral development.
  • Come in a variety of colors and designs.
  • Are BPA free.

BUY IT: Gerber Graduates Learning System Sippy Cups are available at most major departments stores such as Target.

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