How To Throw the Perfect Party for Your Child

Planning birthday parties for your child can be stressful, but it’s always worth it once you see your child’s face light up on her birthday and hear your child talking about the celebration weeks after. Creating a fun and memorable birthday can be easy with smart planning. Make your next birthday party a success with these five simple tips for a perfect party:

How To Throw the Perfect Party for Your Child

1. Theme. Having a theme is important because that will determine the venue, decorations, food and activities. Party themes can be as simple as your child’s favorite color, animal, or TV show character. Narrow down your theme options to three and make your child feel special by asking him or her to help you pick the final theme.

2. Invitations. Once you have finalized your guest list, send out your invitations three weeks before the party. Consider eco-friendly online invitations rather than paper invitations as these can get easily lost at the bottom of backpacks or left behind in class. Online invitations sent to the child’s parent’s email also ensures that children at school don’t feel left out when they don’t receive an invitation. With PercyVites ( – the coolest new digital party invites – your child can feel like a star and shine bright alongside their favorite animated friends like Max & Ruby, Caillou or Johnny Test. New characters are added all the time! Simply upload your child’s photo, party details, and messages directly into a PercyVites template and watch your child’s reaction as he or she sees themselves interacting in the world of their favorite character! The Percy Party Dashboard makes it easy to keep track of guest RSVPs.

How To Throw the Perfect Party for Your Child

3. Menu. When planning a great party, be sure to keep in mind of your guests’ allergies as well as your chosen theme when you plan your menu. Party food should be easy to eat and easy to serve. Simple and familiar finger foods, like pizza and sandwiches, are great options. If your guests are old enough, involve them in the food preparation process with a do-it-yourself taco or sundae bar. Invest your time in baking and decorating the birthday cake, or bring your child with you to the grocery store to help pick out the cake beforehand.

4. Games and Activities. Plan a party schedule of a mix of games and activities. If it is an outdoor party, come up with some indoor activities, just in case it rains. Simple crafts will entertain younger children, while older kids can play high-energy games that require more instruction. Pay close attention to how the guests are responding to each game and activity – move on if they seem uninterested, or run the game or activity for longer if they are enjoying it.

5. Party Favors. Party favors are a great way to say thank you to your guests. By hosting an arts and crafts activity, you can have guests create their own party favor or you can send them home with a loot bag filled with simple and useful items, like pencils, erasers, small notebooks, bookmarks, etc. Take into consideration of how old your guests are when buying party favours. Small objects may not be safe for younger children. Instead, you may want to consider plush toys or small books.

This article was written by Julie Steiner, wife and mother of two and CEO and founder of PercyVites, an innovative line of personalized video invitations and thank you videos for kids starring your child’s favorite characters, your child’s photo, and all of their party details. For more information, visit

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