Learning How To Say No The Right Way

Learning How To Say No The Right Way

Whether it is at work, at home or in social circles Learning How To Say No can be a tough thing for most women, and some men.  We constantly feel the pressure from society to be and do everything.  It makes it more difficult than ever to carve your own path.  We hope these tips will help you feel confident and able to just say no next time someone asks you to do or be something you aren’t comfortable with.

Learning How To Say No The Right Way


Think About What You Would Tell Your Children To Do: Sometimes we have to think about the advice we would freely give to someone we loved.  Is it a situation you would be telling your child to just say no to?  Would you be telling your child or your best friend to stop giving in, and grow a backbone?  If you would tell someone else to stand up for themselves, then why wouldn’t you do the same for yourself?

Be Honest: Be honest with yourself about why you are afraid to say no.  If it is because you are afraid of making someone angry or losing their friendship then you need to evaluate what they offer you.  If saying no to a request is enough to make them no longer value you and your relationship, then they aren’t the type of person you need or want in your life anyway.

Have Someone Hold You Accountable: Ask your spouse, sibling or friend to hold you accountable.  This means they will ask you regularly if you are over booking yourself, struggling to say no or having a hard time giving in to pressure. Have this person available to remind you that your worth is not in how much you do for others.

Schedule Time For Yourself: Sometimes the only way we can focus and learn to say no is when our calendar is already full. Make sure your calendar is full of time for yourself and your family.  Schedule in extra time to take care of yourself,your family and those obligations. This will help you see you truly don’t have time for anything else.

It can be very hard to not feel guilty when you choose to say no to others.  We have become use to the fact that we are suppose to be willing to help out all the time.  While we should always be open to helping others, we must remember that learning how to say no is important for your stamina, health and ability to give quality time to others.

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