How to Furnish your Buy-to-Let Property on a Budget

The buy-to-let market is continuing to thrive in the UK, thanks primarily to increasingly relaxed lending regulations and accessibility of affordable mortgages. For those with enough disposable income and an understanding of the property market, renting out real estate in 2014 offers a unique opportunity to make a significant financial return. Even inexperienced investors are being drawn to the market by the lure of quick and consistent profit, although they must take proactive steps towards delivering a property and service that can appease their tenants.

Furnish your Buy-to-Let Property

How to Furnish your Buy-to Let Property: 3 Steps for Novice Investors

The way in which you furnish and present your property is particularly important, so how should you approach creating a home that entices potential tenants? Consider the following: –

Consider Hiring Specialist Furnishing Contractors

If you are a single property owner who is new to the buy-to-let market, you may wish to consider contacting a specialist furnishing contractor such as Peel Mount. These firms deal extensively with private landlords and operators in the education and supported housing sectors, and they are well versed in the art of creating a stylish, functional and fully furnished property. This can help you to save considerable time and money as a landlord, without creating a situation where you have to compromise on the overall aesthetic of your property.

Create a Minimalist Approach

Minimalism has enjoyed a renaissance in recent times, partially through choice and also as a response to the increasingly compact nature of new-build properties in the UK. This is something that all proactive buy-to-let landlords should capitalise on, as it enables them to create a contemporary and desirable living space without spending outside of their financial means. Try to purchase furniture that suits the structural lay-out of your property, while also looking to optimize the floor space available to tenants.

Build Around a Strong and Well Placed Focal Point

Once you have purchased your furniture and completed any necessary remodeling work within  your property, you may decide to experiment with the interior layout in each individual room. This can help you to optimize the space at your disposal and the visual aesthetic of the property, so long as you keep your creative vision in mind at all times. One of your first steps as part of this process should be to create a well placed focal point, and strive to build around this with additional fixtures and fittings.

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