Finding the Best Mattress Type for Young Kids

Kids RoomIt doesn’t always seem like it but all kids eventually learn to climb into bed unaided and sleep soundly (giving mommy a sound night’s sleep too), but this can only be achieved if you provide them with the right kind of mattress in their early years. Like us, young children need comfort, support and plenty of space when they slumber – and as long as you keep this in mind when looking for a mattress, you can’t go wrong. Follow these hints and tips for finding the perfect one for your child.

When buying the first mattress for a young child, it doesn’t hurt to think about the long-term. There was an interesting post published on Sleeping Guide which mentioned that you should do research before purchasing a mattress. Not only that, you should test the beds at a local store or try the free trials some mattress companies offer.

For example, a smaller, twin-size mattress may be suitable at first but it may be wiser to invest in a full-size mattress to let them grow into. Your child will find this infinitely more comfortable during the night as they can toss and turn quite frequently and a full-size mattress will make things easier on you during story time and cuddling to get them off to sleep.

Firmness is also vitally important in their first proper mattress. When buying check that the centre and corners of the mattress don’t give way too easily when you press down. Soft mattress types such as memory foam have been linked to suffocation so just remember, the firmer the better.

During the toddler stage, children develop at such a fast rate and much of this quick learning process happens in their sleep. Ensuring they have an adequate amount of sleep (between at least 12 and 14 hours a day) allows children to make sense of their day, improve memory and cognitive abilities and even make their behaviour more placid and easy to deal with, so it is well worth buying a good-sized, firm mattress for guaranteed safety and support.

If you need a new mattress for a child of 5 years and over, take them with you to try one out in the store. If you’re unsure about whether it is entirely suitable for them, there’s a handy little SLEEP acronym you can use: Select a mattress, Lie in your sleep position, Evaluate the comfort level, Educate yourself about each selection, Parent and child should try the mattress together.

Once you’ve found the right mattress type for your child, compliment it with the perfect bed frame. A good quality wooden bed frame is a must in any kid’s bedroom as it not only looks great, but it is guaranteed to last them a lifetime. Find the ideal bed frame for your child’s mattress and give them the best in lasting comfort and style.

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