How To Create The Perfect Picnic

How To Create The Perfect Picnic

Summer fun to many means picnics on the beach and tons of fun in the sun. This year let us help you learn how to create the perfect picnic that everyone will rave about for months to come. It’s not just about peanut butter & jelly thrown into a bag and a blanket to sit on. Simple and budget friendly picnics begin with a bit of planning, and can easily be enhanced to create an amazing afternoon adventure.


Scout Out The Perfect Location. 

While picnics on the beach or in a park are often popular, the perfect location will have a soft spot to site, a little bit of shade and access to everything you want to do. Look for areas with large shade trees, soft grass and a nearby park for the kids or beach for the whole family.

Pack The Right Foods & Supplies. 

While romantic candlelit picnics are wonderful and fun, make sure you are packing appropriately for the entire family. If you are picnicking with the kids this year, leave the glass at home and pack simple plastic or disposable utensil and plates. Pack easy to eat finger foods and plenty of wipes for cleanup.

Pack Blankets & Chairs. 

Don’t find yourselves stranded and uncomfortable. Make sure to pack large thick blankets and a few easy to carry chairs for everyone to sit in. If laying on hard ground the whole time is going to result in discomfort for everyone, then it is definitely worth the added packing to include a few portable chairs.

Leave The Pets At Home.

If juggling the picnic itself, kids and a pet is going to become stressful, then leave your pets at home. Some dogs can easily be put on a leash and make great adventure companions for your kids, but if the idea sounds stressful, simply skip bringing your pets.

Don’t Forget Sunscreen, Bug Spray and Wipes. 

No matter how beautiful the weather may be outside, you never know what will happen. Always wear sunscreen and pack extra, even on cloudy days. Bug Spray may seem yucky, but will be a lifesaver if you find yourself near a lot of ants, mosquitoes or the like. Wipes are there for everything from cleaning up spills to wiping dirty hands after eating.

How To Create The Perfect Picnic

This year make your picnics memorable in a good way. Use our tips for how to create the perfect picnic to give your family a fun afternoon adventure that will become a tradition for years to come. Remember the most important part is to pack a great attitude that is willing to embark on a fun family adventure!

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