How to Achieve a Stress-Free Move with Your Kids

How to Achieve a Stress-Free Move with Your Kids

Moving is stressful enough, but when you add kids into the mix, the stress levels can go through the roof. It is, however, possible to keep hold of your sanity and make moving fun. If you’d like to know how to do it, keep reading for 10 top tips.

1. Make it a Family Decision

If you ask me, I will suggest you to go for Vector Movers NJ. As far as informing your kinds about moving is concerned, you should do that on the day they have to pack. Informing them of such a significant change in their life needs considerate timing. It’s not just the timing either, as you have to find the right way to do it. Holding a family meeting is a great way to introduce the idea of moving house. Make it a fun occasion by ordering or preparing their favorite food. Encourage them to ask questions and be as honest as you can.

Give them a role to play in the move, and they’ll feel much better about it. Consider researching online together, and when you go to look at new places to live, take them along. They can help you find somewhere to stay while you’re looking around for a new home. They’ll also be able to look for Chicago movers, or other moving companies depending on where you are based.

2. Have a Party

One of the biggest concerns for your kids will be the fact that they’re leaving their friends behind. Holding a party provides them with an opportunity to say goodbye and swap addresses so they can keep in touch.

3. Encourage Them to Pack

Depending on the age of your children there might not be much they can do when it comes to packing, but you could give them a case or box in which they can pack their own special belongings. They can bring their bag with them in the car which is going to keep them occupied and reduce the likelihood of leaving little Ted behind.

4. Pack Plenty of Snacks

You might be flying or driving, but your kids are still going to need fueling. There’s nothing worse than a hungry, cranky toddler to make the day a nightmare. Pack lots of healthy snacks and avoid unhealthy processed fast foods.

5. Give Them Some Fun Things to Do

If you’ve got friends and family who can help with the kids, they might miss out on the worst part of moving. That still leaves lots of time both before and after the move when they need to be kept entertained. There are some great things for kids to make and do that can easily pass the time, leaving you to get on with the packing and unpacking.

6. Take a Road Trip

If you’re moving to a new city or across state lines, then take the opportunity to make the trip into an epic journey. There are bound to be some sights and attractions you can visit along the way.

7. Explore the New Neighborhood Together

One way to reduce the stress for your kids in particular is to spend some time in the new city before you actually move there. Explore the area together and find out where there are playgrounds, cinemas, kid-friendly places to eat and other experiences they’ll be able to enjoy when they move there for good. It will certainly make the place seem less scary.

8. Give Them Time to Settle In

When you first move, your kids are going to be excited about their new surroundings. There may also be times when it all becomes too stressful for them. Be patient and give them plenty of time to settle in. You might have to deal with sleep disruption, changes in appetite, unusual clinginess and even the odd tantrum. Just remember that moving house is stressful for them just as much as it is for you. They’ll adjust in time and if it takes more than a few months or they start to have problems with everyday activities, you should speak to your pediatrician.

9. Introduce New Rituals

Rituals make kids feel secure so try to introduce new ones as soon as possible when you’ve moved. Check out the area for ice-cream stores so you can continue with your Friday night treats. If you’re church goers, then make Sunday morning services a priority. Sports lovers among you should be looking for the next available game to watch. There may also be some old rituals, such as Saturday night movies you can carry with you to your new home.

10. Keep in Touch with Those Left Behind

Your kids, and you, might be missing some of your pals you’ve left behind so make the most of technology and keep in touch. Don’t think of it as leaving them behind and stay in touch whenever possible.

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