How ski resorts are becoming eco-friendly

With environmental awareness at an all-time high, tourists are now much more interested in just how environmentally friendly their holiday destination really is. So it should come as no surprise that this customer awareness coupled with global warming has led many ski resorts to take previously unheard of measures to ease their vacationers’ minds and prolong their business life. So let’s take a look at some of the clever ways ski resorts are becoming eco-friendly.


  • Many resorts are now offering free public transport around the resort itself to cut down on carbon emissions.
  • By making many villages car-free zones resorts are encouraging people to walk rather than drive.
  • Installation of energy efficient ski-lifts which require less power to run and cause less pollution than out-dated diesel engines.
  • Opening of public transport routes to resorts from airports and nearby cities.   (Some resorts have even taken over the public transport from local authorities)
(alternative transport)

Local Environment

  • Nature reserves are now often part and parcel of the modern ski resort giving animals closed off areas in which to live.
  • Intelligent management of tree felling and replanting means that for every tree that is cut down at least one more is replanted elsewhere.
  • Information is also made available to the public educating them on how to be an eco-friendly winter sports enthusiast.


  • Solar power is becoming increasingly popular with some resorts using this to power their ski-lifts or provide electricity for chalets.
  • Electrically powered vehicles are sometimes used to transport skiers or employees around the resort.
  • Some resorts have even started to process kitchen oil into bio-diesel.
  • “Switch off” promotions have been initiated by some resorts to encourage patrons to use less power in their rooms or chalets.
  • Old snow guns are being replaced with ones that are water & energy efficient.
(solar powered ski lift)


  • Prevention is always preferable so disposable cups and plates are used less often.
  • Waste is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner and reusable waste separated correctly.
  • Food waste is more often disposed of correctly and separated from general waste.

With many of these measures in place ski resorts really seem to be doing their part to help protect these idyllic Winterland locations and conduct their business in a responsible manner.

So next time you’re searching for a skiing destination make sure you check out how the resort takes care of its local environment. It will give you that extra peace of mind to know that you’re staying in an eco-friendly ski resort.


Contributed by Ciarán mcEneany, a passionate writer and blogger working for a UK ski company and is a regular contributor on the independent French ski holiday guide

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