How Hockey Players Manage to Keep All Their Teeth

How Hockey Players Manage to Keep All Their TeethHockey is an aggressive, contact sport. In the past, players were known for losing their teeth. However, in the present day, hockey team members are keeping their pearly whites. Advances have been made when it comes to protective gear, as well as good dental care when their is an incident involving their teeth, in order to keep teeth intact.

Hockey players have to be proactive when it comes to protecting their bodies. While head protection and other padding have always been priorities, taking good care of the mouth is essential as well. In the sport of hockey, there are great risks to a player’s mouth. Players are often smashed against the wall, come into contact with each other, hit the ice, can be struck by a stick, or find themselves in the line of fire from a puck. Their teeth may be jarred loose or actually knocked out during a game. Mouth infections may occur as well. As a result, today’s teams have a dentist on staff. With the advances in dental software for mac computers, first rate dental care can be provided to address any issues that arise with a player’s teeth, eliminating threats in order to restore a healthy smile. Problems have to be addressed immediately in order to retain all teeth, rather than waiting for an overhaul in retirement. Dental care extends beyond the game. Players need to take good care of their teeth to prevent the risk of damage on the rink.

In addition to good dental care, mouth guards are essential. Players should wear a mouth guard to avoid injury. Mouth guards may not be comfortable. They get in the way when talking about game strategy. In some instances, players may find it hard to breathe, a problem that will inhibit their ability to place their best. However, players can actually have a mouth guard tailored to fit their mouths by taking a trip to the dentist can assist players in finding the best sources for this essential piece of gear. An advantage to a personalized mouth guard is the fact that it will be made based on a mold of the individual’s teeth, ensuring a proper fit. Customized mouth guards provide the highest degree of protection, allow a player to speak easily, and do not inhibit breathing. They are more expensive, but they are worth the costly investment when that smile is still shining at the end of a game.

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