How High Self-Esteem Can Guide Your Child to a Great Education

Children with high self-esteem frequently perform better academically than kids with low self-esteem. Some experts believe that low self-esteem leads a child to think, “Why bother? I can’t do anything right, so why even try to be a good student?” Others believe that low self-esteem leads to depression, which can drain children of energy and vitality needed to do well in school.

The good news is that parents can do much to improve kids self-image in a few easy steps.

How High Self-Esteem Can Guide Your Child To A Great Education

Monitor and verbally respond to children’s behavior

This doesn’t mean you need to watch the kids closely every moment, but you should generally supervise them throughout the day. When they do something well, such as cleaning their rooms or refusing to be drawn into an argument with a sibling, praise them for it. Reinforcement will encourage kids to continue practicing the good behavior and build esteem in having positive actions noted and complimented. Consequently, when a child misbehaves, let him or her know that the action is unacceptable, and if it persists, issue a consequence. Consequences should be discussed and preferably posted ahead of time so children clearly understand behavioral expectations and boundaries. This helps them to see that good behavior is reachable and rewardable, increasing their self-esteem in the knowledge they can achieve good goals.

Measure and acknowledge small steps that lead to success

Earning good grades in school, completing a project related to a Scouting program or 4-H event, and volunteering to assist in the community represent positive and successful actions that deserve recognition. Helping kids to see that this type of behavior is valued and gets noticed will help them realize they have the ability to contribute in meaningful ways through school and community efforts.

Discuss future career goals with your child

Let him or her know that you believe in the child’s ability to go to college and build a professional life after graduation. You may even want to mention graduate school with the suggestion that advanced education is within reach for those who work hard and are persistent. Discussing specific career studies, like an online masters computer science degree, instills a sense of potential and confidence that will help kids work toward worthwhile objectives.

Encourage your child to associate with kids who have good self-esteem and admirable goals. Kids tend to behave similarly to those they spend time with.

Children need self-esteem for success. Parents can help by following these tips.

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