How Different Smells Make Us Feel

How Different Smells Make Us Feel

Different scents from fragrances have a distinctive effect on us. When choosing fragrances you will notice that many of the fragrances may hold similar scent characters such as woody, spicy or citrusy. However, different scents are normally combined to achieve these characters.

These combined scents also boast their personalities which is what affects your feelings and even your moods. Below, you will find an outline of some of the most common scents and how different smells make us feel.


Bergamot is a common scent that is used in many perfumes. It is especially found in perfumes with citrus profiles as it boasts a sweet citrusy smell. Because of its scent profile, Bergamot is fresh, clean and uplifting. Thus, when you smell it you are instantaneously energized. Additionally, the sweet citrus smell also gives you that summer-spring to help boost your mood.


The jasmine scent features calming notes. Thus, if you want to relax, it is the ideal scent.  As a flower, jasmine blooms whilst its scent becomes even stronger at night. And because of its calming effects, it really helps you to settle in, relax and sleep soundly at night.


Vanilla gives you that rich and creamy dessert-like smell. It is warm,  a floral and inviting. As such when you smell it, you will instantaneously feel cozy. No wonder it even makes a great scent for candles. And if you are feeling sad or lonely, the vanilla scent always has a way to work its magic.


Sandalwood features a spicy, sweet and woody combination. It boasts earthy yet sensual notes. However, because of its heavy profile, it is ideal for the night. It invokes sensuality and romance. It also makes a great addition to your aromatherapy soak. However, if you are not having a low day, it may not be the best scent to smell.


Hibiscus provides the ultimate floral scent. It offers crisp and fresh notes. Hibiscus if oozes of soft femininity (not in a bad way) without being too intense. Thus, it is a scent you want to smell every day. And its soft floral scent makes you want to smell it all the time, leave you with a bubbly and confident feeling.

How Different Smells Make Us Feel


Cinnamon offers a sweet-smelling and spicy scent. And it also makes a great scent during colder weather due to its cozy effects. Smelling the cinnamon scent helps to boost your brainpower whilst sharpening your mind.


Pine produces that pleasant and subtle woody scent. The soft yet earthy smells of pine help to address stress and depression.  This is no wonder why you always feel relaxed and calm after a walk through a pine forest. So on a weekend as you plan to go to the beach, a spritz of pine scent goes a long way it doesn’t always have to be the outdoors. You can even turn your home office into a mini pine forest.


Citrus items such as lemon and orange are favored and make up the majority of citrus fragrances.  Ditch that espresso shot and smell some citrusy scents to enjoy and invigorating an energized feeling. Scents from citrus fruits such as oranges, lemon, and lime also help to boost energy and alertness.


This citrus fruit combines both sour and sweet tropical notes. You can even describe it as a zesty. A whiff of grapefruit will help to clear your mind and boost your overall energy. It’s refreshing scent also helps to wake you up.


Who doesn’t love the smell of pumpkin? It combines sweet, spicy and coziness. You can almost link it to vanilla minus the creamy dessert-like noted. However, on its own, it may be bland, but if you combine it with another scent – it works best.

Combining pumpkin with another scent helps to boost bot the pumpkin and the other smell, giving you a superior variant. Try mixing pumpkin and lavender to experience bursting soft, tender and soothing notes.


Peppermint works whenever. The smell of peppermint is pleasant, soothing and even sweet. Just a whiff of peppermint, even in perfume will help to open up blocked sinuses and stuffy nasal passages. Thus, you can even say that the peppermint smell boasts healing qualities. So the next time you are sick, after taking pour meds and fluids, relax in a clean and quiet room with the peppermint scent in the air.

Furthermore, peppermint also helps to improve your cognitive functions. It does so by boosting concentration, motivation and even your mood. If you are really looking to concentrate on work or even a test, try having the smell of peppermint around and experience the differences.


With the scent of apples, you will experience a zing, crisp, clean and fresh smell. The scent of apple is also reminiscent of your most memorable day in the fresh clean and green outdoors. You can almost see the freshly cut grasses brushed with a whiff of dew.

Thus, when you are feeling down or stressed, the smell of apple can really boost your mood. And like peppermint, this overly pleasant smell also boasts healing qualities. In fact, if you are suffering from a headache o migraine, the smell of apple helps to reduce the symptoms and even shorten the attack episodes.

Lily Of The Valley

Lily of the valley offers that white floral scent. Its oozes of sensuality and sophistication. The smell personifies beauty and adds confidence. So you can have it virtually anywhere whether it’s your perfume, air freshener or car scent. It helps to reduce sadness and provide a sense of security. The smell of lily of the valley also helps to foster well being

The scents are proof of the notion that perfume adds confidence, beauty and is part of your personality. With this known fact, you should always go for the scents that bring positivity and help to up your mood. And figuring out the right blends will get you closer to finding your go-to scent.

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