Be Prepared: 5 Health Problems You Need to Be Ready for in Middle Age

Be Prepared: 5 Health Problems You Need to Be Ready for in Middle Age

Aging starts from the moment we’re born. And although you may still feel like a lively 19-year-old, every cell in your body knows the truth. There are a lot of advantages to getting older, like wisdom, grandchildren, discounts, retirement and plenty of others. But just because you feel great and you try to eat healthily and get your exercise doesn’t mean that you don’t have to be on the lookout for these five possible health problems that can arise in middle age.

1. Hearing Loss

There’s an old wive’s saying that goes, “The hearing is the first to go.” And for many people, this is quite true. After many years of listening to all sorts of sounds loud, soft and in between, the microscopic hairs that help turn sound waves into what we hear begin to falter. Regular hearing checkups can help you keep on top of any hearing loss. But if you do discover that you need an assistive device, thanks to modern technology there is a wide selection of hearing aids to choose from that are nothing like what you may imagine. The latest generation of hearing aids that are rechargeable are not only more convenient but also smaller, lighter and have better performance than previous models.

2. Vision Loss

As we age the muscles in our eyes can weaken, our eyes create less tears and our retinas can start to do some pretty weird things, like start to separate from its blood vessels. All of these changes can result in differences in our field of vision. This is why as we age, it is imperative that we get regular vision screenings. It could be more serious than just a pair of glasses. Glaucoma, cataracts and other macular diseases if caught early on may not result in severe damage.

3. Weight Gain

Metabolism changes and often slows down as we get older. We used to be able to eat whatever and not notice any change, but now things are beginning to shift and it takes more work to stay in shape. Weight gain can lead to a host of medical problems. Being overweight can make us more susceptible to certain types of cancer, stroke, sleep apnea, osteoarthritis and plenty more. It’s best to monitor your weight and stay within a healthy range. 

4. Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes is a very serious condition that can lead to all sorts of unfortunate circumstances, like amputation, kidney disease, and heart disease. Type 2 diabetes has been closely linked to obesity and poor lifestyle choices. A healthy and active lifestyle can greatly reduce your likelihood of developing diabetes.

5. High Blood Pressure

Hypertension is also called “the silent killer” because there are typically no noticeable symptoms. High blood pressure can lead to stroke, cardiovascular disease, and even death. By quitting smoking and drinking managing stress and getting regular exercise you can improve your blood pressure. 

There’s no getting around aging, but there are things we can do to stay healthy and avoid many unnecessary health problems. Be sure to see your doctor regularly so you can stay ahead of the ball and make changes before it’s too late.

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  1. Good insight, prevention is always better than cure. Be aware of these problems and proactively solve them before they happen.

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