How to Enjoy A Holiday With Babies and Toddlers

How to Enjoy A Holiday With Babies and Toddlers

Raising a family is hard work whatever age your kids are, but most parents would agree that the baby and toddler years are some of the most exhausting! Very young children need constant attention, and if you’ve got youngsters, you’ll be familiar with the fatigue and lack of sleep. 

The idea of a holiday probably sounds great, but the idea of taking young children on holiday might sound like very hard work, and many parents feel reluctant to invest in a family holiday that might turn out to be hard graft. The good news is that there are ways to maximize your chances of having a fun, relaxing holiday, babies, toddlers and all.

Choose the right accommodation

If you’re on holiday, the last thing you want is to be worrying about your kids crying or screaming and disturbing other guests, so a hotel is probably not the best idea. There are a few family-friendly hotels around that are set up for children, but they aren’t that common. One of the best ideas is to book a holiday cottage or villa, where you’re self-contained and you don’t have to worry about noisy kids disturbing your neighbours.

The other key factor to take into account when thinking about accommodation is safety. It’s not always easy to find a rental that’s fully equipped with safety features like stair gates, child locks, gated pools, and secure access, and you don’t want to have to spend your time away worrying about keeping your little ones safe. The ideal solution is to go for baby and toddler-friendly package villa holidays, where safety and security are assured.

How to Enjoy A Holiday With Babies and Toddlers

Choosing your destination

When deciding where to go, take into account travel times, because the journey is the biggest challenge you’ll face. Time passes much more slowly in a child’s perception, so the less time you have to spend travelling, the better. Sticking with a UK or European destination is a good idea, at least for your first trip away, as you won’t have to spend a lot of time on the road or in the air. 

Very young children have their advantages in some respects, as they aren’t focused on what they want to do, unlike older children. Babies and toddlers tend to go with the flow and do whatever you’re doing – and if you fancy a trip around a museum or a spot of retail therapy, you can time it so they’ll be having their nap. Therefore, you can choose a destination that suits the kinds of activities you enjoy, rather than thinking it has to revolve around the children.

Going on holiday is a great way to relax, get a change of scenery, and recharge your batteries, and as parents of young kids, that’s an important consideration. A holiday with your little ones doesn’t have to be a stressful, tiring experience if you take some time to plan where you’re going and what you’ll be doing so that the kids are taken care of and have a fun time too.

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  1. We took my daughter to Mexico at 8 months old. The airplane was the most stressful time. My advise is to pack a full outfit change for everybody including undies for the plane ride. She did throw up on me and I did have to change everything on us both.

  2. My son has young children and planning a vacation can be something of a challenge. I’ll have to pass along these great tips to him. Thanks!

  3. I agree, choosing the right accommodations is a must. If the weather is not cooperation your gonna be stuck there, so check out all the amenities before choosing as well.

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