Heart Felt Baby Wrap, Dryer Balls and SquishDelish Review & Giveaway



I guess you could call me a “semi-crunchy” mom.  I am pro breast feeding, baby wearing, and taking advantage of as many reusable things as we can for our children.  I do not practice ALL things crunchy, but I am by no means judgmental of any mamas who do.  When approached with the Heart Felt bundle of products, I knew that we would be able to use all of these products on a daily basis.

I learned about baby wearing when my now two year old was about 6 months old, and quickly embraced.  I really lost out on wrap time with him because by the time he was 6 months old, he was getting to be too heavy for the stretchy wraps I had discovered.  But with Nolan, who is now 7 months old, we utilized a wrap carrier right away.  Since he is a bit smaller than his older brother was at his age, I am still able to use a wrap when I need to get a few things done around the house, or just to snuggle him close and let him enjoy some cuddle time by being worn.

The Heart Felt Wrap was extremely manageable.  Some of the wraps I have tried before are too much fabric for my liking, but Heart Felt had just the right amount, and you could feel the quality, thickness, and just enough give in the fabric.


Nolan was happy as a clam to be wrapped so I could get some work done without having to chase him around the house.  He JUST learned how to get up our steps from our sunken in living room, and our toddler does not like to keep the playpen closed, so it is a constant battle to keep up with this little speedster now.  This is why I love babywearing, I can get so much more done AND snuggle my littles!


I didn’t only get to try out the amazing Heart Felt wrap, but I also received the Heart Felt dryer balls.  I was familiar with the concept of dryer balls, but had never really used them in the past.  So I was excited to give these a try.   Heart Felt dryer balls are PURE New Zealand wool, with no fillers.  They are heavy and tightly woven wool, and you can tell that there is nothing else in them.  On the website, you can also see one cut in half to view the solid wool structure.

So what exactly do these dryer balls do?  They work to circulate air in your tumble dry cycle and avoid clumping as well as absorb moisture to help cut down on drying time and save you time and $.  They are available for purchase on amazon.com

It is also recommended that you use essential oils to naturally scent laundry, by placing a drop or two on each dryer ball before running the dryer with the Heart Felt wool balls.  Unfortunately I did not have any handy, but essential oils are on my list for the next trip to the store so I can try this out to naturally scent our laundry.

The third product that came in our gift pack was a pack of reusable squeeze pouches.  We used these over and over again when Hunter was just beginning to eat, so that we could take pureed food to restaurants with us or just for a day out on the town.  Hunter still loves his applesauce and yogurt pouches, and we recently started solids with Nolan, so I know he will be getting lots of use out of these too.



I love that these pouches have a clear space on the back to see what is inside of each pouch, as well as how much is left in the pouch.  In addition, there is a place to label what is in each pouch and what date you “squished” the ingredients.  This comes in handy when you make batches of different purees for your baby and want to remember each item’s shelf life.

The pouches are also very durable, I tried squeezing them with the cap on to see if the zipper would budge and leak (because we all know how things get tossed around in our diaper bags… and the last thing I need is to find applesauce covered EVERYTHING in my bag!)  I was pleasantly surprised with the durability of the material used, and they are PVC-free and BPA-free.


Hunter loved the Squish Delish pouches, and the dogs were intrigued as well.  I think they were hoping for a leak or spill, but that wasn’t happening here!


Everything you read about here today can be purchased on Amazon.com.  Here is a direct link to the Heart Felt Wrap in Grey or Black,  Heart Felt Dryer Balls, and Squish Delish.  Perfect gifts for the crunchy or semi crunchy mom in your life!

Heart Felt Giveaway

One winner will receive a Heart Felt Baby Wrap, Heart Felt Hooded Baby Towel, 6 pack of Heart Felt Dryer Balls, 2 packs of Squishies packs and a diaper wet bag!.

Giveaway ends December 3rd at 11:59pm, open to US and Canadian residents, ages 18+. Only one entrant per household, per address. Winner is subject to eligibility verification. Enter using the giveaway form below. Good luck!


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