Happy Future ‘pure, natural and organic’ baby care products review

Happy Future is a ‘real organic’ product from France, and certified as ‘pure, natural and organic’ by European Union agencies. Made with all natural olive oil and extract of lime, this hypoallergenic product contains no nut oils or anything harmful to baby. Happy Future products have just a whiff of French vanilla evaporating quickly leaving baby smelling natural and clean.

What the momma thinks…..

My toddler was just diagnosed with eczema several months ago. Now until this point I always thought eczema was very manageable as I never really knew much more than what is seen on tv. Boy oh boy was I wrong. Little E developed this large spot on the back of his knee area that became so dry, it was cracking and bleeding. He continuously gave the pout lip and day itchy. It was sad to see and I am sure very irritating to him as well. In the end we ending up using prescription meds to get the spot under control and have found that using Happy Future Liniment Lotion as needed (nearly daily) helps maintain a sense of stability and less breakouts.

Having said that the written purpose for the Liniment Lotion is for diaper changing care. I have been lucky to not have diaper rash issue with E. On the other hand as during our recent move, I personally developed a nasty rash from heat and sweat/movement combination. I personally used the Liniment Lotion just as I would if my toddler were to have a rash in that area. Within two days and four uses, it was gone. I was thrilled to have this product on hand and the natural ingredients treated my sensitive skin with care.

Over the course of the last month we have used the three remaining Happy Future products as needed with much success. The Cleansing Bath and Shower Gel being my second favorite of their natural baby care line. I adore the vanilla scent of my son’s skin after bathing with this wash. It is light yet delicious.

The Cleansing Lotion glides on smooth and requires little for major coverage. So for budget conscious, green moms it is a strong must try choice for mom and baby.

The Cleansing Milk was surprising interesting. I have always used a baby wipe when changing my children’s diapers but sometime that diaper odor lingers. When using the Cleansing Milk I found that it provided the same clean, no rinse needed and offer that same pleasant vanilla smell.

We have only tested the Moisturizing Cream once or twice as I feel like it is more of a winter product for my family. We don’t use a lot of creams on the body during the spring and summer as unless we have had excess sun exposure or a great deal of water play our skin stays pretty well moisturize. This would be great on chapped cheeks during the winter and windy months.

Overall I am happy with each product as they served their purpose well. I am fond of all natural products and look forward to continuing use of Happy Future in our home.


Naturally rich in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids, this lotion (liniment) works well all day long to protect baby from diaper rash. Nothing harsh, all gentle and loving, we know of babies who at age 6 months have never had a rash! You will love it, we promise.

Moisturizing Crème
A very fine crème that quickly absorbs into baby’s skin! Use just an itty-biddy amount and see the results. Moms can use it and we have found dads love it on their face after shaving.

Bath and Gel
Nothing is better for baby’s hair than this gentle wash also perfect for little bodies. French vanilla scent quickly disperses and baby shines with cleanliness and radiant health. Good for toddlers, too.

Cleansing Lotion/Milk
All natural and organic ingredients dissolve impurities and dirt from baby’s skin ever so gently. Use when baby won’t bathe a quick and thorough cleansing lotion/milk that tickles baby’s senses. Moms love the simplicity and ease this product brings to daily upkeep; remove after application with a dry cloth and this non-rinse formulation works perfectly.

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