“What’s for dinner?” Hamburger Helper NEW Ultimate Beef Stroganoff and Cheesy Italian Beef

When you hear that daily question of “What’s for dinner?,” have no fear! For 40 years, Hamburger Helper® has helped to make family dinner time easy, and now with two new delicious varieties, Ultimate Beef Stroganoff and Cheesy Italian Beef, Hamburger Helper offers even more options for easy family style cuisine. With naturally- flavored mixes and rich, tasty sauces, Hamburger Helper makes a meal your family will be happy to gather around. Be among the first to try these two new, quick and easy dinner options with the ones you love. Because after all, who couldn’t use a little help in the kitchen?

  • NEW Hamburger Helper Ultimate Beef Stroganoff provides rich roast beef flavor and pasta with a decadent sour cream flavored sauce mix
  • NEW Hamburger Helper Cheesy Italian Beef features real Italian herbs and pasta enhanced with naturally flavored Italian-style sauce mix Just add milk, water and ground beef
  • In addition, visit to download a printable coupon for $0.70 off the purchase of one box of Hamburger Helper!

What the Momma thinks…..

Between my work as a writer and caring for our family of six, there are times when making a big dinner is just out of the question. Either I just forget to plan something or sometimes overly tired from the events of the day. When this happens we often reach for Hamburger Helper. It is a quick, easy meal to put together. Generally it takes less than 30 minutes from start to serve. Our favorites include the new Ultimate Beef Stroganoff and the classic Cheeseburger Macaroni. Pair one of these with a side salad and dinner rolls and we are ready to chow down.

In addition to keeping Hamburger Helper around for my family, I have memories of this meal from childhood. It was one of the first things I learned to make as a pre-teen and one of the most popular meals throughout college (besides pizza). Each of the Hamburger Helper creations I have tasted all have the same creamy texture, mild yet deliciously, gooey favors and are hot which is ideal for a nighttime meal. I hope to see new and improved recipes in the future as I am sure we will always have a box in the food pantry.


MyBlogSpark and Hamburger Helper is sending one Mom to Bed by 8 a delicious, quick dinner meal prize package including: a Box of Hamburger Helper Ultimate Beef Stroganoff, a Box of Hamburger Helper Cheesy Italian Beef, serving dish, slotted spoon and trivet!

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