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Since I have started becoming more active in my strive for fitness and weight loss, I also had to accept that in doing this I had to make a few changes to even the baby equipment I use. So when I received the Joovy Scooter stroller in Greenie, I was more than anxious to find out how it would perform in not only my daily walks and shopping trips but in the great outdoors as well.
The weekend of the Scooter’s arrival we headed down to Heritage Days. Now this is an outdoor festival hosted in the same area as an animal conservation. I will be honest when I say it is bumpy, rough and beware there maybe a few holes. So how did the Joovy do, I am sure you are asking yourself.
It soared right over ever rough patch like it was as smooth as hardwood flooring. No doubt that the sealed bearings and 4-wheel suspension found in Joovy’s wheel base are to blame. In my 17 years as a parent, I have never before seen a wheel structure as sound and well thought out as Joovy’s. They made sure the scooter would take on the hiking trails as well as the shopping malls. This is a huge benefit to myself and family since we spend a lot of time camping and exploring state parks, etc.
You will also find the Joovy Scooter has linked brakes which add more security when the stroller is parked. If you are like me you will also appreciate the large basket underneath. You can store a lot of shopping bags this holiday season in that spot!
Now do not get me wrong the Joovy is tough but also classy in style. You get all the bells and whistles with their new Scooter. Their signature oversized canopy offers a retractable sun visor which adds a wonderful amount of protection for baby against the sun and wind. This also allows you to keep an eye on baby from above. The cup holder (which is very necessary if you walk great lengths or jog) is nice because it is also easily removable. There is also a nice size zippered pocket. I normally store my cellphone, a diaper or two and a package of travel wipes in there.
Another big plus I want to mention is that the 600D fabric used to create the seat and canopy could certainly be considered as a major point when selecting a stroller. My mother in law took the Joovy Scooter out for its second walk and I be darned, if it did not come back with a brown line of soda down the back. I was hot to say the least and grabbed a wet cloth. With no effort at all the soda was gone and I honestly mean gone. Several days later my little Elliot spit up a tad in the seat and once again a quick wipe and done. 
I also love the advantage of an easy to recline seat. The Joovy offers a one hand recline system that locks in infinite positions. Elliot likes to be sitting as straight up as possible when we first start our walks and the Joovy allows me to smoothly lay him back in a nap position when he falls fast asleep minutes later. The transition is done by a quiet, slide down cloth and clip. This makes no sound at all and Elliot remains unaware he is even changing positions. I find this very helpful when I aim to walk for long periods of time.
The seat also offer a secure 5 point harness to keep my baby El’ safe and in place. I know I will find this very useful as he gets older and becomes an escape artist like his older siblings have in the past. For now it keeps him from rolling over or sliding down. Both for which I am very thankful for.
Since I like to stay on the go, I am always looking for a stroller that is compact when folded up and also not a pain to get it there. I found that with the pull of two handles, the stroller is ready for placed away for travel or storage. It is fairly flat and fits well in the back of our suv.
One feature that we did not make use of but I am sure will benefit many of you is the bumper bar. This piece makes the Scooter compatible with Graco infant carseats. I find it nice that you can use this from birth to well into toddler years.
The Greenie has been test driven by myself, my husband and his mother. All of us found that we prefer different features, but we all three agreed that it is a great buy. I suggest purchasing it directly from Joovy online where they offer free shipping in the USA.
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