Green Choice Carpet Rug Cleaning

Carpets last longer and look better when they are regularly cleaned. One problem with carpet cleaning is the toxic chemicals used that can pollute the air inside the home as well as the groundwater. Green Choice, New Jersey, has 20 years of experience and understands this. It has a corporate commitment to environmental issues, which is why it offers natural, organic, green carpet and rug cleaning.

The organic products used by Green Choice are just as effective as toxic chemicals, but without the huge carbon footprint and health hazard. Organic carpet cleaning is available for all type of material including silk rugs, Persian rugs, wool rugs and synthetic rugs.

The cost of the carpet cleaning service will depend on the size of the rug, if there are any stains to remove and the type of material. A Green Choice technician will give a free in-home or office appointment, explain the type of cleaning required for the job and give a quote.

The process Green Choice uses to deep clean rugs is also eco-friendly. It requires less water and the rug is cleaned in the factory, so the entire process in environmentally friendly. Rugs are like new with the original color, and the stains and odors are removed after a thorough cleaning.

Green Choice will pick up the rugs and deliver them when they are cleaned. Its affordable service is one of the best in New Jersey and the surrounding area for eco-friendly results. It offers same day service also with free pick-up and delivery.

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