5 New Gadgets That Help You Keep An Eye On Your Child

Even though you might want to, it is not always possible to be by your child’s side. Work, house duties, and other responsibilities can keep you occupied and unavailable. Since harm can come when you least expect it, protect your kid by taking advantage of the technologies below.

Vigilant Personal Alarm

Even when you are in close physical proximity to your child, keeping constant watch on him or her may still be a very difficult thing to do. If you are worried about your child encountering a malicious stranger, equip your child with this safety alarm. Using a remote control, you can set off 130 decibels of screeching noise if you suspect danger.

Vivint Home Security System

Your child should feel safe in your home. To give yourself and your child peace of mind, install a home security system to keep intruders away. No matter where you are from, Vivint home security systems can find a solution for you. If you want great home security in Virginia Beach VA, turn to Vivint. Are you a resident of Michigan or California? Vivint is the answer. Do the right thing for your family–get a security system.

Life360 Family Locator

This useful tracking software allows you to track your loved ones on a map displayed on the screen. If your children are carrying smartphones with Life360 downloaded on them, you will be able to locate their geographical positions like using a human GPS. This is a very useful tool for a kid who wanders off and gets lost or is abducted by a stranger.

“Mommy I’m Here” Child Locator

Like other child alarms out there, this device is meant to help you locate your kid when you can’t find him or her. A teddy bear brace can be worn on your child’s ankle or wrist, and you will keep the remote device with you. When pressed, the key-chain attached remote sets off an ear-splitting alarm that can lead you to your child’s whereabouts.

Top 5 New Gadgets That Help You Keep An Eye On Your Child

Video Baby Monitors

Instead of just hearing your kid, how about having both ears and eyes on your child? Video baby monitors transmit a live feed of your child to a monitor wherever cameras are placed inside or outside the home. You can strategically place them to cover areas that are most commonly inhabited to watch over your child like a guardian angel.

These technologies are invaluable tools that aid in the preservation of your child’s life. You don’t want a device you depend on to fail at a crucial moment, so you should always stick with a name you can trust. For home security systems, that name is Vivint. Vivint Little Rock AR will hook you up with the most affordable advanced automation systems around.

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