6 Gift Ideas for People Who Love to Sleep

6 Gift Ideas for People Who Love to Sleep

If you have a friend or loved one who just cannot get enough sleep and their idea of fun is napping in intervals all day, then we have got you covered with some of these amazing gift ideas for people who love to get some extra snooze. Finding that perfect gift for a sleepyhead may be challenging sometimes, especially when luxury sleep items cost so much.

There is a wide selection of choices that can help induce sleep, or elevate the resting experience, or even encourage waking up. There is a fantastic gift option out there for your loved one to really enjoy what they love the most i.e. sleeping.

1. Pillow Cube

Some sleepers just love sleeping on their side at night or prefer rolling from one side to the other. This cube shaped pillow called Pillow Cube is just the right gift for those who keep tossing and turning through the night just to find that one sweet, relaxing spot. The pillow cube provides the perfect support for the right angle between the head and shoulders when sleeping on your side. This offers additional comfort by distributing equal weight around the body and ensuring a peaceful night’s sleep.

Most people who love sleeping on the side face pain and cramps all over their body when they wake up, but the pillow cube can fix that easily! This special bedding accessory comes in different sizes between 4, 5, and 6 inches. It is the perfect cuddle buddy for nightly rest and an amazing gift option.

2. Aromatherapy Diffuser

Who does not love that ultimate spa experience when sleeping in the comfort of their own bed? The aromatherapy diffuser is the perfect luxury gift item that transforms the bedroom into an amazingly relaxing space where you can leave your worries behind and let the soft, sweet scents take over your dreams.

This is a special treat for those who may suffer from insomnia or light sleeping. The aromatherapy diffuser is a fantastic upgrade from cheap, simple sticks in a bottle to air fresheners or unsustainable scented candles. It is a diffuser and a humidifier, all in one!

Not only does it look modern and sleek, but the variety of essential oils from lavender, mint, to zesty orange, can bring your loved one a sleeping experience they have never enjoyed before. In addition to this, you can change scents every night. So, whether you are in the mood to float on a bed of warm, rose petals, or resting on fresh grass in a eucalyptus forest, this aromatherapy diffuser can make all those fantasies come true while jazzing up your bedroom at the same time.

Here is a cool DIY guide to create your own plastic diffuser.

3. The Runaway Alarm Clock

Everyone loves a good night’s rest, but what about those who keep pressing on the snooze button and just cannot find the strength to wake up? If you are looking for a gift that makes it easier to get out of bed, then the runaway alarm clock has you covered.

With this amazing contraption, you are sure to get up on time because the alarm clock will literally run away until you get out of bed and catch it. It comes with wheels attached to the frame that lets it jump from a 3-foot-high nightstand and run in all directions of your bedroom while blasting the alarm sounds. You can still control snooze time, but if you are on a tight schedule or need to make it to an important meeting, the runaway alarm clock will make sure that the overwhelming desire to sleep again does not stop you from fulfilling important obligations.

Do not worry if you or your friend is a heavy sleeper because the runaway alarm clock blasts its siren at a very high volume. You will be up and ready in no time with this funky, quirky, and innovative bedroom accessory.

6 Gift Ideas for People Who Love to Sleep

4. U Shaped Total Body Support Pillow

Everyone loves a soft, plump cuddle buddy in bed when sleeping. What is better than a U-shaped ultra-relaxing total body support pillow? It is smooth, soft, and extraordinarily supportive for those who suffer from back, leg, or even neck pains.

Not only is a U-shaped total body support pillow an excellent choice for optimum support for upper and lower extremities, but it offers a solution for sciatica pains, fibromyalgia, and even support during pregnancy. It is the ultimate gift that is luxurious and helps in alleviating all kinds of discomfort.

The U-shaped total body support pillow essentially caters to people with spinal disorders, but you can enjoy it just as a cuddle buddy if you like. Hugging its sides while resting your head over the curve of the ‘U’ provides unmatched sensations of comfort and relief. It is a fantastic gift option for adults and children who enjoy holding on to something soft and warm during the night. You can use it on the bed, floor, or sofa in various positions, making this a one-of-a-kind gift!  

5. Hibernating Sleep Mask

Some people love to sleep so much, you might question if humans can hibernate like bears do during wintertime. If you know someone who loved catching those Z’s any chance they get, then a hibernating sleep mask would make the perfect gift for them.

This special sleeping mask covers the eyes with soft, silky padding. It also comes with earmuffs that are attached to a comfortable head strap that remains snuggly fit atop your head. Unlike earplugs, cotton, or rubber balls, these earmuffs will not fall out during your sleep. They also do not cause that strange, dull ache you get when you stuff earbuds or cotton balls in your ear.

With adjustable straps, this accommodating mask is especially useful if you know someone who does not enjoy the flashing lights or wringing sounds at college dorms, on busy city streets, or in a house full of noisy children. It blocks all external frenzy and brings you into a space of calm, and relaxation. This is a spectacular gift for those who just want to tune everything out and sleep like a bear hibernating during those cold, winter nights.

6. The Hoodie Pillow

Some people can doze off anytime, anywhere they like without a care in the world. Whether it is in class during a particularly boring lecture, at the office during work, at the mall while they wait for their partners to finish the shopping spree, or even when travelling in the train, this gift option is ideal!

The hoodie pillow is the perfect alternative to cheap, deflated neck pillows. It offers superior comfort, as well as privacy from onlookers. With a luxury memory foam filling inside the crevices and hood area, it wraps around your head and eye region, leaving space for the nose and mouth. No matter how hard the surface on which you rest your head is, the hoodie pillow will provide the perfect cushioning and softness that will lull you into a peaceful slumber in no time.

The Hoodie pillow fits for every neck and even helps reduce headaches and neck pains that you may otherwise experience often with neck pillows. Just zip the hood up on your head and sleep away!

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