How to Design a Small Commercial Kitchen For Your New Home

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A modern kitchen doesn’t have to be filled with the most expensive items to be beautiful and classy. There are so many beautiful designs available online that can easily be put together with the help of some odds and ends from your local hardware store. Commercial kitchen designs don’t have to be too elaborate either. Once you’ve found a design that makes you feel at home and ready to hit the cookware, then you know you’ve got it right. Here are a few tips for designing a commercial kitchen for your home:

Color scheme

Think of the colour you would like to make you think of a good night out at a fabulous restaurant every day. Think about all the beautiful dishes you would like to make and how your kitchen’s shade will inspire you to do so. These days kitchens don’t have to be the conventional white or pale yellow, and they don’t have to be just one colour either. Try adding an accent wall into a white kitchen as a feature where you could hang photos or make a tiny coffee bar area. The options are endless, so explore them. 


If you have minimal space to add walls and features, then the decor you choose needs to fit a smaller kitchen. The lack of space might mean cutting down on some of the fancy things like dining chairs or an island in the middle of the kitchen, but you could pick up other tiny items like your appliances, cupboards and crockery. Cupboard space is essential, and having things hidden in cabinets are all the rave. Opt for cabinets that hide the ironing board, the dust bin, and shelving to pack away plastic wear. Use the spaces on the walls to add floating shelves for items that you regularly use, like coffee mugs and drinking glasses. Corner shelves work well for small plants to keep things like swizzle sticks, toothpicks or serviettes for guests. 


Once you’ve decided what colour you want and how much space you will dedicate to your storage and furniture, it’s time to choose the furniture and appliances you would like to use. Dual coffee machines are a great way to save on having to buy an additional; kettle because they give you hot water independently. The top of the coffee machine also has space for you to store a few coffee cups to save you space and money. You can decide if you want to have any cutlery on the counters or only want them in the drawers. Having everything in the drawers saves a bit of space, but having it on the counter can create a more homely look, but it depends on how much you prefer to see your cutlery and crockery out in the open.

Blinds save space along with the windows and are easier to clean if they are wood or a form of plastic, so you might want to consider that to save some space. For a bit of extra aesthetic beauty, you can think of a magazine or newspaper rack, flowers, freedom to have a collection of tiny plants for tourist memorabilia and even a small coffee table in the corner of space permits. 

The options are endless once you decide on a color, a theme and a style. All you have to do is imagine yourself cooking in it, and you’ll be well on your way.

How to Design a Small Commercial Kitchen For Your New Home
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