Fun Games to Play with the Kids When Camping

Fun Games to Play with the Kids When Camping

Going on a camping trip with children can be really challenging, especially if you struggle to come up with new and unique ways to keep them entertained. Children are now used to being surrounded by electronic devices so it can be difficult to capture their attention. Today we are going to be discussing some fun games that can keep your kids happy while camping.

1 – Go on a Scavenger Hunt!

Scavenger hunts are one of the best ways to keep children entertained while they are surrounded by nature. You can even make the hunt itself as easy or as difficult as you want to, but remember that you will have to supervise your children at all times. The best way to do this is to split up all of the adults in your group.

Activities like these are really fun for younger children and they can be similar to a competition for older children. In order to make your scavenger hunt list, you should scour the area and see what you can see to make sure that the item can actually be located. Remember that you might want to take a set of hiking shoes for kids if you are planning a scavenger hunt around your campsite.

Fun Games to Play with the Kids When Camping

2 – See who can tell the Best Campfire Story

Most of us have memories of sitting around a campfire and telling different stories while roasting marshmallows and eating smores. Getting all of your children to tell their own campfire stories will definitely leave you with a smile on your face because children have amazing imaginations.

You could also reward each story with a yummy campfire treat to tempt any children who might be a little bit nervous into telling their stories. Once they have all settled in, they will not be nervous at all. When it is your turn, you could just tell stories about the memories that you have with your own children to make them laugh or embarrass them a little bit.

3 – Go on a Sleeping Bag Race!

Sleeping bag races are absolutely hilarious to both watch and participate in. They will even fill you with memories of relay-racing while wearing a sack during your own school sports day. You should probably avoid holding these races for your children if the weather is bad, but you should go all out if it seems to be clear.

Remember that your children will always have more fun if you participate too. You should make sure that you have your own sleeping bag and your own place in their relay-races. You would find yourself laughing in seconds if you did.

4 – Have a Little Game of Hide and Seek

Who doesn’t like playing fun games of hide and seek? Changing the location and playing hide and seek around a campsite can be a lot more fun than playing it at home because it will give your children the opportunity to explore and find weird and wonderful places to hide. Just make sure that you set some ground rules and that there is always an adult supervising them!

5 – See who can Climb a Tree!

Is there really a better time to learn to climb a tree than when you are out in a wonderful campsite surrounded by nature? Most children love climbing trees regardless of where the tree is, but some children need a little bit of practice first. Find a good tree that is somewhere near your campsite and make sure that it is safe to climb before having fun with your kids.

6 – Play a Game of Flashlight Tag

Do you remember playing games of flashlight tag when you would go camping with your family as a child? Games like this one are important because usually, the onset of darkness means that your kids will have nothing to do when you go camping, but this game will change that entirely.

If you can imagine an odd type of cross between the popular game hide and seek and the playground game tag that is played at night, then you probably already have a good idea of exactly what flashlight tag really is. It makes your children rely more on their natural senses and the darkness really gets their brains working. Also, what child doesn’t like playing with flashlights?

7 – Create your own Obstacle Course

Obstacle courses have grown in popularity over the past decade with things like Tough Mudder. If adults from all over the world enjoy participating in obstacle courses, why wouldn’t children? If you use your imagination, then you will find that it is really easy to set up an obstacle course for your children when you go camping.

You could even bring a few things from home to help you make your obstacle course as fun as possible. Hula hoops could be jumped over, ropes could be climbed over, simple objects could be used to make hurdles and a game of Twister in the middle could really make your children laugh.

This could also provide you with the perfect opportunity to teach your child how to climb a rope really well because you could set up a rope somewhere near your campsite as part of the obstacle course.

Get out there and have fun!

Taking your children on a camping trip can be really difficult, especially if it is the first trip that they have ever been on. In reality, it does not have to be as hard as it might seem to be. Most children do not enjoy camping because they miss the home comforts that they are used to, but by exposing them to the fun that they can have without those comforts, you will be able to show them just how fun the outdoors can be.

Remember that the best and easiest way of getting young children to have fun while camping is to get involved in the activities yourself. If your child can see you having fun, then he or she will be more likely to join in. The best way of breaking the ice is by having your own sleeping bag relay and challenging them to try and win!

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