Fun, Safe Sports For Kids Offer Less Risk Of Injury

Many children playing traditional sports like football and baseball run the risk of injury. To ease the worry of parents, there are other fun, safe sports for kids that they can enjoy on their own or with the whole family. These are also past times that can be continued as they mature into adults.

Badminton, Tennis, and Ping Pong

  • These activities teach hand-eye coordination, strategy, footwork and agility.
  • Players also learn about good sportsmanship and respect towards other players.


  • This moderate activity is relaxing and improves balance and stamina.
  • Stronger muscles and better posture are also achieved with regular bicycling.
  • Getting involved in this sport also keeps one’s weight in check.


  • This low-impact indoor sport can be enjoyed by kids of all ages. They learn coordination and patience.
  • Social skills and good sportsmanship are also developed while enjoying this past time.


  • Ballet, tap, jazz, and contemporary are just a few of the various dance styles taught.
  • Focus and discipline are achieved by learning various dance steps.
  • This activity helps kids express their feelings and improves confidence, balance and a stronger physical body.


  • This group activity teaches coordination, strategy, patience and honesty.
  • It is a relaxing sport that also develops social skills while playing with others.
  • Various golf swings and stances strengthen muscles and encourage correct posture.

Martial Arts, Judo, Karate

  • This indoor sport gives children the tools to protect themselves and others if they are physically threatened.
  • Students learn various movements that improves strength, coordination and self-esteem.
  • Students also learn how to show respect to their opponent in competition.


  • Competitions use crossbows, compound bows, longbows, and recurves. Participants learn focus and precision during practices and contests.
  • Correct posture and upper body strength is needed to hit the target.


  • This sport encourages a healthy cardiovascular system and strong muscles.
  • It also teaches endurance and focus.
  • Becoming involved in this activity maintains proper weight and reduces the risk of obesity.


  • All kids love to jump and romp in the water. Confidence and focus are learned through the different swimming techniques used.
  • Swimmers achieve a healthier body with stronger muscles and joints.

Fun, safe sports for kids provide activities for them to enjoy without the high risk of injury. These past times can become a fun family outing that also builds the bond between family members. Alternatives such as the above are quickly becoming just as popular as traditional sports.


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