Four Unusual Methods to Strengthen Hair

Drinking beer in the shower is a popular pastime {yes, that is a haha}, but what if you could kill three birds with one stone, and give your hair some love at the same time? Your kitchen cupboard is brimming with obscure cures to your hair breakage woes. Get your mane sleek and strong with these deliciously edible treatments.

Four Unusual Methods to Strengthen Hair

Avocado Oil

Smashed on toast, sprinkled through a salad or sliced on a burger, avocado is a blissful treat served any which way. It stares at you from the supermarket shelf, hides in your fruit bowl and rots in your refrigerator without its natural powers being harnessed to their fullest potential. Don’t blame yourself for all the magic you are missing out on. This sneaky fruit does its best to stay unnoticed or unusable. Like a millionaire dressed as a bum, this nutrient dense gem hides beneath a dim and scaly exterior. Alligator skin on the outside, harbouring nutritious fatty acids on the inside, it’s a classic don’t judge a book by its cover situation.


The satisfying lid crack, condensation dripping down the cool glass and the first refreshing mouthful as the crisp golden river hits your lips. These are the things beer drinkers dream of, as they slave away at their gruelling Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 job. Beer drinking is an ancient ritual, still prevalent in this current day and age. Aficionados and amateurs alike, flock from all corners of the globe, to participate in festivals dedicated to the world’s third most popular beverage. Despite its popularity, this Friday afternoon favourite is harbouring a secret power few are aware of. Give your hair a drenching in this drink, and allow its acidic and yeasty powers to work their magic. Say goodbye to product residue and hello to Pantene worthy locks.

Olive Oil

The fountain of youth, were it not mythical, would be located in the Mediterranean. Home to the Greek island of long life, Ikaria, experts have long been trying to harness the powers of the Mediterranean to package it in pill form. One would think there must be something in the water, but maybe the powerful potion is hidden in a different liquid – oil. Ditch the keratin infused, super strengthening, resilience boosting creams, masks and treatments; the only thing you need to make your dull hair sing is sitting in your pantry. This kitchen staple makes for an intense moisturising treatment, giving the promise of life to the most styled, abused and brittle mane.


Bulk, shred, pump iron, make gains, if these words are in the most used category of your vocabulary, you have most likely experimented with consuming eggs in various forms. Gym junkies, CrossFit addicts, bodybuilders and pilates participants alike, understand the preciousness of protein in building a healthy physique. Powders, pills and potions can’t compete with the complete and natural nutrients found in nature’s original protein ball. The goodness found in these smooth little parcels not only build your muscular strength, they can be used to make your straggly strands, strong and shiny. Next time you go to crack eggs for an omelette, take a moment to whisk one for your hair. Run an eggy mask through your hair as you flip and fry your breakfast, for the most time efficient and affordable hair mask on the market!

Treating your tresses is all well and good, providing you have something to treat. If your strands are jumping ship from your scalp, consult a professional, seek further treatment or head to for more information.

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