DIY: Create An Outdoor Jungle Cage For An Indoor Cat

Kitten PlayIf your little fury friend is yawning more than usual, then odds are it’s a little bored. If this is the case, you may want to look into building him or her an outdoor jungle cage that should – hopefully – relieve them of their boredom. Creating an outdoor jungle cage for your cat can be done in a solid weekend, and won’t cost you too much money. It’s an excellent DIY project, for both the absolute beginner and consummate professional. Here are some basic ideas that you can use for your own inspiration. Hopefully you’ll soon be building an outdoor cat enclosure that will keep your cat occupied for hours and days on end.

Building your cage.

A cat enclosure is not an enclosure without a cage. Make sure you build a big enough space for your cat to really enjoy themselves. You can use PVC or powder coated aluminum for the cage; both are resistant against the elements.

Install shelves inside your cage.

Adding some shelves or steps to your enclosure will give your cat platforms to jump around on. You can place them at differing heights and angles, to make it somewhat challenging for your little fury friend. For something a little different, use sturdy tree branches inside to give your cat something extra to prance around on. You can source your own branches and shelves yourselves, using your own power tools (see ) to cut them to size.

Place a cat bed in the corner.

Place a little bed in the corner of your enclosure and give your cat a place to snooze during the day. Make sure you use material that’s resistant against the elements, such as 100 per cent acrylic, but still soft enough to give your cat a comfortable snoozing experience. You may just get a little jealous once you see how comfortable your cat is on their little bed!

Install a water feature.

Add a water feature to your outdoor jungle enclosure, and give your cat a nice relaxing space in which to unwind. Make sure you treat the water so your little friend can stay hydrated well throughout the day. Not only will your cat appreciate this; you will too as you sit outside on a lazy Sunday afternoon, the sound of trickling water lulling you into a deep sleep.

Create a jungle.

Lastly, why not create a little jungle inside your enclosure, with the help of multiple ferns, plants and shrubs? Not only can they provide welcome relief during the hottest parts of the day, but can give your little cat the feeling of being back in the jungle!

Creating an outdoor cat enclosure for your fury friend is an easy DIY project that your cat will simply love. All you need are the materials, the time, and a little of the DIY spirit to get things moving along nicely. Your cat will never be the same again, and you’ll have created something of value for your home.

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