Floral and Stripes Nail Art For Girls – Back To School #NailArt

floral and stripes nail art for girls

floral and stripes nail art for girls

Nail art is a wonderful way to give little girls some beauty individuality without delving too heavily into to the world of makeup.  Usually the younger the child, the more impatient, so this is one without a lot of drying time required.  It looks great on short nails, so feel free to try it on yourself too!

Colors Used:

  •  Sally Hansen “Jumpin’ Jade”
  • “Na Na Na” from One Direction’s The Looks Collection
  • Rimmel’s Rita Ora “Lose Your Lingerie”
  • Rimmel’s Rita Ora “Breakfast In Bed”
  • LA Colors’ “Shock”

Tools Used:

  •  Fing’rs Heart 2 Art Medium Dotting Tool
  • Fing’rs Heart 2 Art Nail Art Brush

For the base of this look I took the dark green Jumpin’ Hade and topped it with a teal microglitter from One Direction’s new “The Looks” makeup collection, “Na Na Na”.stripes and floral nail art base

If you’re not interested in using two different coats or don’t have access to the Na Na Na, Julep’s Valerie will do the trick and already has the shimmer mixed in.  (You can purchase Valerie anytime, but Julep Mavens get a big discount and start off with a free box of polish and makeup.  You can become a Maven here.)

Once that’s dried enough to no longer be tacky, take a nail art brush dipped into the baby blue “Breakfast in Bed” and starting at the base of the nail, draw a line that splits the nail 2/3 of the way across.  Using the stripes makes the nail appear longer.

stripes and floral nail art stripes

Now to place a flower in the larger section.  I like to keep these up toward upper half of the nail.  With your dotting tool dipped into the baby pink “Lose Your Lingerie” make five pink dots in a circle, making sure the sides touch.  These are your flower petals.  If there’s some space between them in the center, don’t worry.  This will be covered up.

Dotting Tool Tips: Re-dip your dotting tool for each petal to make them uniform.  Make sure the polish on your palette isn’t getting tacky (change it out if needed) and wipe the dotting tool frequently to prevent tacky buildup on the sides.  You can make a DIY paint palette to make picking up the polish easier.

floral and stripes nail art petals

Take a few minutes for these to dry if you’re moving through them quickly.  Take this time to tell her how awesome she is.  And if you’re doing this on yourself, I’ll be the one to say it:  You’re awesome.  Now take a clean dotting tool and dip it into the bright orange-yellow “Shock”.  Place one dot in the center of your petals.  If there’s a little darkness showing in the center, you can top off your center with another very light dot of polish.

This can be left as-is to allow the texture of the flowers to show through or sealed off with a strong topcoat to make the manicure be shinier and last longer.

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