Cable and Gauge’s Twist Tops – Fabulous “Mom-Wear”

As a part of my profession, I’m frequently surrounded by and working with women in their late teens which leaves me in an awkward fashion place. I’m a bit too old to dress like them; I’m someone’s mother after all, but I have never accepted giving up my fashion interests (obsessions) just because my mornings are spent with two little guys. I try to balance dressing like a “grown up” without becoming frumpy.

cable and gauge top reading

This wasn’t my first time seeing the twist top from Cable and Gauge, but when they asked if I wanted to try one I was ecstatic. (Thanks C&G for sending these over!) I broke out of my comfort zone and shot right for the prints. I have plenty of geometric patterns in my closet right now, so I chose one of the florals and paired it with my favorite pair of Denizen jeans.

cable and gauge top standing

One word about the fit.  It’s a stretchy and extremely comfortable material. I wish we could have feel-o-vision so you could feel just how soft this shirt is.  The material allows for a lot of wiggle room. If you’re like me and usually fit somewhere between sizes when they’re small, medium, large, etc. rather than numbers I suggest going with the lower of the two. I have a large chest for my size and did run into a little bit of a gap around the sleeve where my bra could show. You can get some with sleeves as well. This particular 3/4 sleeve twist top is happening for Autumn. True story.

cable and gauge dress sitting

They have a twist top dress too! For the dress I went with a solid color instead. It’s a good chance to show you why they’re called twist tops too. I have several cardigans and blazers to pair with this dress when Autumn hits.  It’s a great transitional piece! The dress is the same super-soft material as the top. I love the length of the dress on me, although taller women should see it it just around or above the knee rather than below it.

cable and gauge dress standing

I love how sophisticated and mature I feel in these without feeling like I’ve given up my style. What do you think?

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