How to Find Jobs for Your Kids

How to Find Jobs for Your Kids

In today’s economy, it is not only a privilege to find work for your child or teen, it is a necessity. Children today want and need more and more of what technology has to offer, and we as parents simply cannot keep up with the changing times.

It is never too early to learn the value of a dollar and never too late to teach your child that value. If your child has indicated that he or she would like to earn some extra income – great! If not, maybe now is the time to have an open discussion about finances with him or her.

How to Find Jobs for Your Kids

How to Find Jobs for Your Kids

Start with an Open Discussion

Whether or not your child comes to you and inquires about work or you approach them, start with an open discussion. It should never be about dictating or demanding. We all know what happens when we command a teen to do something. Give them the opportunity to come up with their own thoughts and ideas so they get a feeling that it is within their control as well.

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is the oldest and best tool and has been around for dozens of years. If you put the word out that your child is looking to make a few extra bucks, you will be surprised at how many people need things done.

Friends, neighbors, and even your child’s school may be able to put you in touch with someone, if not themselves, who needs a job or two done. Household chores, outdoor chores, and everything in between are a great source of income your child. If you do not ask, however, you will not find.

Use Technology

Everyone’s child, even those at a very young age, is aware of how to use a computer. They are even more aware of how to use social media. If they have a Twitter account, what a great way to let everyone know they are for hire for indoor or outdoor chores.

Have your child design and print his or her own flyer for a specific service. For example, if your child is willing to mow lawns or rake leaves, print up a flyer and do a mass mailing.

Call in a Favor

An age-old tradition of bartering has been around for centuries. Perhaps you have done a favor for someone in your life and you are now in need of something in return. Do not be afraid to barter for a favor when it comes to finding work for your child. Perhaps you did some freelance work free of charge for a friend. Maybe that friend can return the favor in kind by employing your child to address envelopes or tidy up an office space during school break.

Never be afraid to ask for a favor in return, especially when it comes to helping your teen find work. You never know, that person just might say yes. This will help take some of the burden of your teen’s expenses or future car off you.

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