Fermented Products You Should Try

Fermented Products You Should Try

Health-conscious people are crazy about fermented foods. It’s mostly because this type of food is known to give you not only a healthy intestine, but it also stabilizes your mental health. The probiotic strains have a lot of health benefits to offer, and you can apply it your face too!

Yes, you read it right. Skincare with fermented ingredients is now available for people to enjoy because after all, probiotics are recognized to give you great skin and extra boosting. One of the most recommended fermented products nowadays is The Face Shop, it is a brand that creates fermented skincare products to help your face absorb nutrients better. Click here to try their fermented skin care products.  

During the process of fermentation, the natural bacteria will feed on starches and sugar in the food that create lactic acid. Fermentation preserves the food and adds nutrients like Omega 3, proper enzymes, probiotics, and vitamin B. The vitamins and minerals mentioned earlier are contributing factor to good health. The good bacteria developed are just as good for your skin as they are with your stomach. 

With that said, there is no reason to be scared when using these types of products. They are made with natural ingredients and safe to use. Fermented products have lots of benefits for your skin.

Here’s a list of some well-loved products: 

Fermented Soy Milk Wrinkle Care Sleeping Mask

This sleeping mask is best used to get rid of wrinkles. Use this after you finish putting toner and moisturizer during night time. Make sure to spread it all over of skin absorption. 

Skinfood Fermented Wormwood Rich Body Essence

The essence contains mugwort extract that went on fermentation clay pot over 24months. This essence is best to illuminate, soften, and fix rough, dry skin. After taking a shower, apply this smoothly on the spots where it has dry patches. 

Skinfood’s Peach Sake Line

This formula combines peaches and Japanese sake to help reduce the visible appearance of deep pores. The product can also help control the production of oil. 

Peach Sake Toner

A restoring, lightweight toner with the extracts of peach and rice sake has vitamin C and A. It tones down shine and minimizes the appearance of pores.

Peach Sake Emulsion 

Another light and stimulating emulsion that has the extracts of Japanese sake and peach, this will help in reducing and tightening of your enlarged pores. Their oil control components will give you a refreshing look.

Peach Sake Pore Serum

Your essence must-have, this soft serum has the ingredients of rice sake, silica powder, and extracts from peaches that are rich in vitamins. This combination will minimize the appearance of your pores and have a matte finish on your look. 

Skinfood’s Royal Honey Line

Honey is known in Western and Eastern medicine for its medicinal components. This natural gem can help with moisturizing and anti-aging. The ancient royal’s favorite beauty regimen. However, there are different kinds of honey available. Skinfood makes sure they only use the best type of honey that is effective and beneficial when they make their skincare. They pride themselves in using aged honey, which works a lot better than the regular one. Royal Honey is suitable for almost all skin types and can provide your skin with vitamins and minerals. They minimize signs of aging, give your skin nourishment, and improve its texture.

Royal Honey Essential Eye Cream

This eye cream has double content of honey and premium aged honey. This cream provides an intense moisturizing and nourishing effect that will soothe your under-eye problems.

Royal Honey Essential Queen’ s Cream

The essential Queen is a deep cream that moisturizes and yields healthy complexion because of its abundant aged honey.

Royal Honey Essential Queen’ s serum

Another serum you must try that has Multi Nutri by Queens, propolis filled with nutrition. The fermented honey will give you an ageless glow.

Royal Honey Essential Emulsion

This emulsion filled with royal honey will hydrate your skin and give you a complexion so radiant you will make this your holy grail.

Royal Honey Essential Toner

If you’re looking for a toner that has lots of benefits, this is the one. Its royal aged honey will give you soft skin.

Dermatologists even love fermented skincare products because they give super boosts and gives out the glow to your skin. Using these skincare products goes skin deep. The benefits are excellent, especially with fighting free radicals and acne breakouts. The general feedback of religious users are its calming and skin brightening effect, and their vascular stability enhanced quite well. When you shop for fermented products, make sure they are 100% secure and original. Always look up and research before you purchase. Rest assured that Skinfood products stand with their mission to give everyone a beautiful and healthy skin.

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