A Family Adventure in Gulf County, Florida

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When selecting a family travel destination, a Florida vacation is almost always requested from at least two of our six. Of course being the mom I am, I tend to side with the children and lean towards the warmer side of things. There is something truly magical about the area yet, the traffic and overcrowded scene often has me wishing I would have picked anywhere else. Then I discovered the Gulf County Adventure Guide and all of it’s wondrous happening to please even my adventurous family.

Watch the Dolphin Parade

Watch the Dolphin Parade

In the wee hours of the morning, you can catch glimpses of dolphins playing and chasing schools of fish. Giving the appearance of an orchestrated “dolphin parade”. Dolphins are beyond intelligent and by far one of the most amazing creators I have ever encountered during my lifetime. Sharing moments no matter how small such as these with my children are a blessing.

turtle holes of the Bay

Experience a New Beach Everyday

At Gulf County, you have the ability to take your family out to a different beach every day and simply try your hand at a new adventure. Whether it’s exploring the “turtle holes” of the Bay, kayaking through the Dead Lakes, or fishing by Indian Pass, you will find each day to be even more exciting than the last.


Sunset Horseback Ride

No matter if it is a romantic night out or a family affair, taking a horseback ride right along the beach to watch the sunset over the ocean is an extraordinary scene you just do not want to miss.

Gulf County, Florida makes it easy to live in the moment! There are adventures around every corner. Does the sound of snorkeling, horseback riding, hiking, camping, and even seawater safaris make you day dream?! Well, it sure has me excited. When you’re outside in Gulf County, FL you’ll be sure to find something to do you’ve never done before. GCFL is the ideal destination to remind you that you are alive! Have an adventure and enter to WIN $50 from Gulf County, Florida!

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