El Monterey Signature breakfast burritos calm the morning rush.

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Breakfast in our home is one of the most rushed, unplanned meals of the day. It is often an after thought, a reminder to stop for a minute and grab a bowl of cereal or even a pastry before heading off to work or school. Even then I find that more often than not, I have to run through the drive thru because we ran out of milk or someone isn’t happy with what is available in the cabinet. Yet, it doesn’t have to be this way and I am taking steps to calm the morning rush with El Monterey Signature breakfast burritos.

El Monterey Signature breakfast burritos calm the morning rush

El Monterey Signature breakfast burritos are packed with real ingredients like scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese and sausage wrapped in fresh-baked flour tortillas. They are available in four flavors and a variety of sizes, including single-serve, 4-count and 12-count and can be found in the freezer aisles at major retailers nationwide, including Walmart, Kroger, Hy-Vee, Meijer and many more.

Signature Breakfast Burritos

Most of my family is fond of the breakfast burrito. You could say all if you add and take away the element of cheese. Though in my experience, making them at home can be a lengthy process with short lived satisfaction. It takes time to prepare all the ingredients needed to make a tasty selection. Eggs, sausage or bacon, hashbrowns and cheese are just to name a few. Once the ingredients are cooked, then on to putting them together in a warm tortilla and then cooking again to combine. Let’s just say 30-45 of prep for something my boys can wolf down in 2 minutes leaves me a bit grumpy and also takes the weekday option off the table.

Burrito Frozen

Then we were introduced to El Monterey Signature breakfast burritos and the doubts began. Let me explain. For about 6 months now, I have been making more and more fresh meals vs boxed and frozen. Breakfast has always been one of those areas I really needed to work on this due to time restrictions and monster attitudes in the morning. So the idea of a frozen anything being served, brought out the worst in a few of my children.

El Monterey Signature breakfast burrito

So I grabbed up some ingredients to make a little guacamole and our already prepared home-canned salsa. Popped a El Monterey Signature egg, sausage, cheese and potato breakfast burrito in the microwave for 1 minute and 30 seconds. Added everything to the plate, serving the meal with a tempting peach spritzer. Then, Natalie looks at me and grins. She is a fond lover of the Mexican spread in front of her and I known I won the battle. Small mom wins are sometimes the best.

Burrito Inside

You can see all of the goodness packed in each breakfast burrito. Fluffy, creamy and tasty to boot!

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Natalie El Monterey breakfast

El Monterey Background

Ruiz Foods, America’s best-selling brand of frozen Mexican food, has more than 50 years of experience helping families put flavorful meals on the table for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Its line of El Monterey products are inspired by authentic Ruiz family recipes and the bold flavors of Mexican cuisine, delivering on Ruiz Foods’ legacy of quality, affordable, delicious Mexican food.

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