5 Essentials for Your Skin During the Holidays

5 Essentials for Your Skin During the Holidays

We’re so busy this time of year that it’s easy to neglect our skin. Even the most regimented of people can put their skincare on the back burner while they attend parties, wrap presents and try to meet deadlines before it’s too late. So, if you need some quick fixes for your skin while you’re busy, read on for our top skin essentials for your skin tips to get you through the holidays.

Eat Right

It goes without saying that we eat shows up on our skin. This time of year we make excuse after excuse for indulging in sugary treats, drinking more alcohol than usual and avoiding a lot of the things that are good for us. If you want to keep your skin in tip top shape this Christmas, it’s important to give it the nutrients it needs. Keep up with your fruit and vegetables and drink plenty of water. If you like to drink hot drinks throughout the day, try herbal teas instead of caffeinated teas and coffees.


You’ll probably find that your skin is lacking in moisture this time of year. Having a good day and night cream is essential to getting the moisture back into your skin, but there are a few more things you need to do to make sure that happens. The benefits of hyaluronic acid in cosmetics are endless. Hyaluronic acid helps the skin to absorb the moisture it needs, so look out for products containing the ingredient. It’s also important to make sure you thoroughly cleanse your skin before applying creams to avoid your skin absorbing pollutants with the moisture.

5 Essentials for Your Skin During the Holidays

Keep Exercising

It’s probably the hardest time of year to keep up with an exercise routine. Not only are the days long and dark, but Christmas is also a great excuse to drop your regular routine and just relax. Relaxing is vital for your body when you’re used to working so hard, but so is exercise. Exercise promotes healthy blood circulation which the skin needs to regenerate, repair damage and produce a healthy glow. So, if your skin is looking a bit worn down, it may be worth heading to the gym.

Make-up Free Days

The holiday season brings with it a load of events and festivities. You may find that instead of coming home and climbing straight into your PJs, you’re forced to rush to get ready, re-apply make-up and head to a party. Your skin will rarely get chance to breathe, so if you get a day where you don’t have to do anything important, make it a make-up free day. It will be a well-deserved break for your skin and you’ll be less likely to develop acne.

5 Essentials for Your Skin During the Holidays

Apply Masks

Your regular beauty routine may not cut it this time of year. If you need a little extra help for your skin, try applying a face mask. You can find them in any kind of beauty store, but you can also make your own at home. Essential oils and bases, like coconut oil or mashed avocado, are ideal for rejuvenating skin.

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  1. It’s one of the busiest times of the year and I often forget to take the time to pamper my skin. I moisturize daily and I really like your suggestion to use a face mask as well for extra skin hydration.

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