EquiptBaby: A Fantastic Diaper Bag Solution for Moms on the Go

Thank you to EquiptBaby for sponsoring today’s post and showing us that busy parents can be organized even when on the go!


I loathe diaper bags.  Every single one I have owned has seemed like a bottomless pit, where pacifiers go to die and Goldfish swim awry in a sea of diapers and toys and bottles forgotten.  I dislike diaper bags so much that I have recently resorted to only carrying one or two diapers per child and a pack of wipes in my purse when we go out, and maybe a ziplock bag with a few snacks.  But there are those times when I really SHOULD be carrying more for the kids and wish I had a diaper bag that worked for us.

When I heard about the EquiptBaby bag, I was skeptical, but willing to give it a try.  The bag claims to be the all in one solution for all of your baby needs, with not only an organized bag, but a collapsable bassinet and changing pad as well as an insulated cooler pocket for snacks/bottles.

When I received the package, I was impressed with the quality and look of the bag right away, it was a simple black, with a touch of elegance with the inner lining and sides adding a splash of color and brightness.  The bag itself is lightweight (meaning not adding extra bulk to everything that is sure to be packed inside with two kids to carry for).  The bag is made of partially recycled materials, including the sturdy base and strong carry strap.

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My first challenge using the bag was a trip to my parents for their annual Christmas Party, where I needed to have diapers, changes of clothes, wipes, lotion, snacks, and a few toys, in addition to my iPad, camera, phone, makeup and wallet, so I did not need to carry two bags.  I was pleasantly surprised that nearly everything had a place, so I did not need to carefully pack each item into one large compartment where we all know it would never stay neatly packed.  All mommies know, the first time you reach for something with a baby on your arm, you are fuddling around in the dark and casually disorganizing everything that was so neatly sorted before.

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One of the key features to point out on EquiptBaby is the snap away straps.  When you have the bag on your shoulder, or hanging on a chair, and you need to do the old “one handed” grab for something in the bag, the two side straps unhook from the other side which lets the bag hang open enough for you to find what you need without shuffling, but not too open so that everything falls out onto the ground.  This came in handy when I needed to find a pacifier, as well as snacks later in the day.

Another feature that I love as a mom, is the sturdy bottom of the bag.  We all know how dirty the floor is, especially in all of the places we take our children.  You wouldn’t let him or her crawl around on the floor, but somehow our diaper bags almost always get strewn to the floor, and unless you diligently wipe the bottom of your bag or throw it through the wash cycle, all sorts of germs are festering there.  The sturdy bottom not only protects the bag from the yuckiness of life, but also creates a great base for when you need to set the bag down.  Why haven’t more bags been created with this feature??

I love the fact that there are many small compartments that are a perfect fit for lotions, creams, diapers, wipes, you name it.  In addition the zipper thermal compartment came in handy with some of the refrigerated snacks for the kiddos.

The bag is super light weight and easy to carry, either on one shoulder or as a cross body.  There are three accessible pouches on the outer side and one small pocket on the other outer side of the bag, which is perfect for a cell phone, the changing pad that comes with the bag, and a few other things that you may need to grab in a pinch.

One improvement I would love to see is a zipper top option or zipper options on the small outer pouches.  Although accessibility is key for me, especially with the two little ones in tow, I did feel a bit vulnerable with the bag open, even if the top and side pockets were buttoned shut.  Unfortunately we live in a day in age where people don’t think twice about pickpocketing, even from a diaper bag.

For those with small babies, the collapsible pop up bassinet is a perfect addition to the bag.  Think pop up beach tent that easily folds back down to size and takes up minimal space in your EquiptBaby, and adds virtually no weight.  The changing pad is perfect for every size child, and folds neatly into one of the front pockets, so again it’s not taking up any valuable space inside of the bag.


EquiptBaby diaper bag includes:

  • Collapsible Bassinet
  • Insulated cooler pocket that holds bottles and snacks.
  • Inside pockets provide ample storage space for all babies’ daily needs: clothing, diapers, wipes and toys.
  • Changing pad
  • Secured outside pocket for easy access to car keys, cell phone, and wallet.
  • Expandable accordion opening and flat-base design
  • Adjustable padded shoulder strap
  • Gender neutral design and color scheme

All in all this bag is a must for moms, whether first time or seasoned.  I’ve even started carrying a diaper bag again now that I found this solution!  You can order your EquiptBaby click here.



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