Educational App for Kids: Cooberry

Do you want to encourage your children to read, use their imaginations and even have fun reading and listening along with them with this great new site Cooberry! This fun interactive site is set up to not only encourage reading and knowledge, but to promote creativity in your children.

Cooberry is a fun new concept in kids videos!  This site and video program is set up to encourage your kids to pay attention, learn and grow from what they are reading, listening to and learning.  This site offers your children a great place to learn and have fun along with you!


Cooberry Features:

  • Videos Storytelling: Check out the great eBooks as they are being read via video to your child.  Not only can your child listen to the story with you, but they can easily read along.  Cooberry is encouraging imagination and play that will carry over into their daily life.
  • Ebooks:  Not able to watch a video?  Check out the great eBook stories that educated and encourage fun play.  These fun picture books are available twice a month on iTunes.  Not only is it a great new story every few weeks, it is easily accessed on your smart phone, laptop or tablet.
  • Zodiac Ninja:  Nothing is more fun that Ninjas!  Combine that with the signs of the Zodiac and you have great fun and distinct characters that your kids will love learning about.  The signs of the Zodiac are always fun to learn about and see applied in daily life.  Your kids can learn about different characteristics, strengths and how to use those for good with this fun video series!
  • Weekend Power Questions:  Every weekend you can log onto the site with your child and read the fun questions.  These vary week to week and can be about an upcoming holiday, a random fact, something about the current season or something in one of the eBook Picture Books or more!
  • Great Cliffhanger Stories That Bring You Back Weekly:  One of the best parts of Cooberry is the fact that there are frequent stories that leave you wanting the next installment!  The way things are set up, there are often fun cliffhanger stories that will leave you excited to come back to the site each week and learn more!

How Will This Help Your Child?

  • Encourage Imagination: We want our kids to use their brains to imagine and create new and fun things.  Cooberry is set up to do just that.  It is chock full of great ways to get your kids involved in the stories and excited to come back and create more.
  • Encourage Reading:  The storytelling videos follow along with the great eBooks and Picture Books which will help increase your kids desire to dive into books and learn more so they can keep up with the stories. A desire to read more and come back to a story will follow them throughout their lives.
  • Encourage Thinking Outside The Box:  The Cooberry method helps your kids to think outside the box.  The stories, questions and videos all get their minds working outside the typical story or show would.  Rather than teaching kids to memorize facts, this site teaches kids to think for themselves!

Don’t hesitate to embrace Cooberry and the fun new site it is.  Not only will this site be one that you will enjoy navigating with your kids, you will find your children coming back time and again ready to watch the next story unfold.  Rather than watching typical TV shows, cartoons or other online videos – Cooberry offers a fun and unique experience your kids and you will be happy with.


Encourage your children to embrace new things, learn more and get involved in their stories with this great video series and site.  Cooberry offers a truly unique experience that is great not only for after school viewing, but in homeschool environments as well.  This great site gives you a chance to work around the stories to educate your kids about character, strength, tolerance, love and peace in their communities.  Give Cooberry a chance this week with your kids!  Learn something fun and new together, and check out the weekend questions each week to see who was able to answer the questions best!

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