Define Bottle Makes Creating Your Own Flavored Waters With Ease

If you are working to improve your overall health, you may be interested in this awesome addition to add to your daily routine that we had the chance to review. The Define Bottle is a great way to get all of your water into your daily routine, with ease!

Define Bottle Collection

Define Bottle Sport Flip Top is the most popular model available. This bottle is perfect for infusing your water with fruit and herbs on the go. In fact the BPA free bottle is great for use just about anywhere. Athletes, stay at home moms, office personnel are all reaching for this as a way to stay hydrated easily. You can simple create and go.

Define Bottle Guts

Not only is this bottle on that is sleek and fits just about anywhere you need it to go, it comes with a great lanyard so you can even wear it around your wrist on the go! Perfect for the brisk walkers to joggers and maybe even the busy mom with hands full of babe. With a multiple compartment style, this makes it super easy to take with you and break down for cleaning with ease.

The Define Bottle style also allows you to come up with new drink creations using just about anything you desire. From flavored waters to teas, this unit has you covered. I suggest trying your favorite berries, a single splenda packet and filtered water.

Define Berry

YUM! It is by far our favorite.

Define Natalie

The Define Bottle Sport Flip Top features the following great things:

  • 16.9 ounce capacity
  • Lanyard for easy carrying
  • Fits most standard cup holders
  • Strainer contains the fruit in the bottom of the bottle so it doesn’t get caught in the mouth piece.
  • Bottle comes part in multiple places for great easy and thorough cleaning
  • BPA-Free

If you love the idea of the Define Bottle Sport, you’ll love their additional Define Bottle Flip Top and Twist Tops. These Twist Tops are interchangeable and perfect for the person who likes to mix things up between simple infused waters to great flavored teas.  The Bamboo inlay and silicon splash guard make this tea infuser a great addition that helps you have a great fruit flavored green tea in no time!

The Define Bottle is a great investment for your health.  This makes the perfect holiday gift for almost anyone on your list.  With it’s high quality and multiple uses, it will be a great addition to any kitchen.

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