Dress Kids Up for World Book Day

March 7th is World Book Day, and many schools, nurseries and playgroups will be celebrating that fact by asking kids to come dressed up as their favorite storybook characters.

While creative types might be pulling out the sewing box at this point, busy mums without skills in the sewing department can just head to George at ASDA for some fantastic fancy dress costumes, including:

Pirates Ahoy

If your young bookworm loves the story of Treasure Island, a pirate costume is the ideal choice. As well as a skull-tastic boy’s costume complete with waistcoat, hat and peg leg, you’ll also find a cute girl pirate version in blue and pink. Add a pair of chunky patent lace up boots in hot pink for the perfect finishing touch to this great girl’s costume. Your little treasures are sure to have swashbuckling fun at school in these y’arrrrmazing outfits!

Peter Pan

Alternatively, pirate outfits are great for little Peter Pan fans. You can also make little wannabe fairies smile with a sweet green Tinkerbell costume from the Disney range at George. Of course, you need to get shoes for kids that will also be fit for a fairy. Look for ballerina style shoes or comfy pumps – and if they’re covered in glittery fairy dust so much the better!

Other Disney costumes available for little girls include Alice and Wonderland costume complete with apron and headband, Sleeping Beauty with gold crown, Princess Jasmine with lamp, Cinderella and Rapunzel complete with long blonde plait.

My Superhero
My Superhero

SuperHero Squad

Boys who love their superheroes will be spoilt for choice with Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Iron Man and Captain America all available at George. And with each outfit costing just £12.50, mums don’t have to worry about blowing the budget – a super bargain!

Sturdy trainers are essential for superheroes – it’s tough work saving the world after all! Spiderman fans can match their costume with a pair of Spiderman trainers!


Fans of the Harry Potter books can dress up as Harry or Hermione in an authentic Harry Potter film costume. Including cape with Gryffindor badge detail, scarf, glasses and wand, it’s magic! The great thing about Harry Potter school themed costumes is that school shoes will do just fine on the feet!

Knights of the Round Table

Little boys who are into Knights of the Round Table tales can have their very own knight costume with shiny armour, helmet and sword. The Disney Rapunzel costume is also great for medieval feel fancy dress.

Little Red Riding Hood

This popular children’s fairy story is a favourite when it comes to fancy dress, due to its distinctive red hood. While mum could fashion one out of red material, it’s much simpler, easier, and possibly just as cheap to pick up the complete Little Red costume from George at ASDA. Just add shiny red shoes for the perfect match!

Buying a George costume for World Book Day will save you time and effort, without breaking the bank. Why not treat your little bookworm to something new for the dressing up box and see that they’re the best dressed character in school!

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