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I can remember preparing for the birth of my little ones just like it was yesterday. All the tiny things in a grand order, all clean to a T. Baby clothes shopping, folding, gawking were some my favorite things about being a new mom. Each new addition to their wardrobe was washed with Dreft before placing on a tiny coat hanger or in their carefully prepared drawer. For those first several months, I wouldn’t trust my babe’s sensitive skin with anything else.

Dreft is the baby laundry detergent most recommended by pediatricians and the brand that parents have trusted for over 75 years to leave their little one’s clothes and linens soft and comfortable.  As gentle as water on baby’s skin and specially formulated for the unique needs of baby items, parents have relied on Dreft to not only help prepare their little one’s essentials before their arrival, but also to keep those items clean and safe once they’re brought home from the hospital.  Complete with a scent that’s truly beloved by parents (that’s also gentle for baby), Dreft leaves little one’s clothing as clean and as soft as can be, bringing cuddle time to a whole new level of warm and fuzzy.

Dreft 50oz

Now thinking back to those days and 7 children later, it always brings a smile to my face thinking about how we tossed names back and forth and even argued with family members and friends over possible choices. My youngest son was the worst most fun because his middle name was always in question: ‘Carter or Cole – Carter or Cole” Even now it makes me laugh.

For those of you who have little ones on the way or are still have baby names on the brain {like me}, Dreft has an interesting The Royal Baby Name Bracket available now on the Dreft Facebook page. It is a cool game that allows you to pick the best name for future princes and princesses. As others make their selections, you get to see who makes it to the final round for the crown name jewels.

Dreft - Royal Baby Name Bracket

For those of you who are already birthed parents {we will called us the experienced par-clan}, checkout Heir to the Highchair. This Facebook gidget allows you to crown your baby and share it with your friends and family. We got alot of laughs trying out each of our 4 youngest profile photos. Crazy parenting lifestyle fun… I know, I know. But it really is interesting.

Mr. E takes the throne!
Mr. E takes the throne!
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