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Club W is an online community of wine enthusiasts committed to taking the hassle, guesswork and pretentiousness out of enjoying a great bottle of wine at a reasonable price. For far too long buying wine has been a one-way street with experts using overblown wine jargon to tell people what to drink.

Their mission is to transform choosing wine into an ongoing conversation between our curators and your personal tastes. Wine is not about being told what to drink, it’s about the experience of discovering what you like. It’s time for choosing and buying wine to catch up with the simple, personal pleasure of drinking it.

Club W

As a wine enthusiast on a budget myself, Club W appeals to me in several ways. The first and most important is being introduced to wine creators and brands that I would have never found otherwise. Even though we are in a semi-sized city, the availability of wine selections is limited to what is found in our local liquor store or grocery. Disappointing I know.

I have branched out on occasion to visit a vineyard and even ordered a few choice bottles online. Both of those experiences come with a price tag, I surely should be ashamed of. This opens us up to the second reason I like the Club W experience, cost. A normally monthly box from Club W consists of 3 budget-premium wine selections. Each month carries the same rate of $39 + $6 shipping & handling. In all honesty 3 bottles is generally plenty to last through the month, even when we have the occasional dinner get together. So I can satisfy my love for good wines plus wow my guests on a $45 a month budget. The thought makes me smile and you should too!

Club W Wine Selections

Since we heart you so much and love passing on a great deal, anyone who signs up to Club W through our special referral link and uses the code code: 411mombed will receive a free $13.00 credit, which is the cost of 1 bottle of wine. Keep in mind that with Club W you can cancel your membership at any time, no hassle – no long term commitment.

Which Club W selections will you choice?

One lucky winner will receive a 1 year of free wine {RV$500} from Club W!

Giveaway ends July 31st at 11:59pm, open to US  residents, ages 21+. To enter please click the image below. Good luck.


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