Marveling in the Dixie Stampede Experience

Dixie Stampede began as a dream for Dolly Parton. Today it is one of the most spectacular dinner and show attractions in the country. We recently experienced this wondrous event first hand on a family adventure in Branson, MO. To be honest, I am not sure if I was more wowed by the show, the atmosphere or the meal.

Tango - Dixie Stampede
Tango – Dixie Stampede

With 32 horses, dozens of cast members and family-style seating for 1,100 in a giant 35,000-square-foot arena, Dixie Stampede Dinner Attraction is a true vision from Dolly Parton herself. In true Dolly fashion, nothing is to be but the best for each attending guest. From the moment you begin to walk up to the entrance passing by the stalls of strong, stunning horses to the moment you leave with a smile from the kindness of the servers and doggie bag in hand, your senses will be happily overwhelmed with a magically tingling planting memories for years to come.

Service with a smile - Dixie Stampede

The show beings with a comical chatter separating the audience into the North and South. He explains that each team will have it’s own army of sorts to fight for the win of the show. Of course, it is all in good fun and the win/lose aspect of the series of events is lost along the way. I see this is a good thing keeping the environment playful yet expectant and exciting.

Dixie Stampede pre-show look

From barrel races to tests of strength, each side’s fighters battle it out to claim a flag for their side *aka – the audience*. The hoops and hollas of an excited crowd to see the action swore all around us as we smile looking on at the action below. We did have a few favorites though: the Roman Ride of Fire and humorous chicken dance was two skits that will not be forgotten and make me wish I could see the show again soon. Everyone needs a healthy does of suspense and laughter while on vacation.

Roman Ride - Dixie Stampede

As if the show wasn’t nearly enough (though be sure to know that it was), the meal was something right out of grandma’s kitchen. Mouth-watering, all eat with your hands goodness. Really, imagine cooking 1,100 whole rotisserie chickens, 250 pounds of hickory smoked pork loin, creamy, delicious vegetable soup, corn on the cob, potatoes, biscuits and crispy apple turnovers each day. Now imagine serving it up to 5 times daily. Wow! Now really, wow. I can only imagine each time being magnificent perfection as the last.

Dixie Stampede Meal

In the this show like Branson itself, celebrates spending time with one another, the way it once was before the fascination with electronics emerged. A reemerge of family value and speaking to one another. I am so glad that my daughters and I experienced this show and more while in Branson, MO. I never realized how much we need to just get away and be mom and daughter(s) once again. For anyone considering a vacation to regain some of just being a family again, Branson is definitely the place to be!

I wanted to share what my youngest daughter thought of Dixie Stampede in her own words. This is a great example of no matter your age, this show is one all will enjoy.

For Dixie Stampede tickets and additional information, visit: Have you attended the Dixie Stampede dinner show before?

Dixie Stampede
1525 W 76 Country Blvd
Branson, MO 65616
(877) 782-6733

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