Digital Parenting: How to proactively enforce your rules

Digital parenting is something that your children dislike or hate very much. Because children do not want their parents always sticking nose in their personal business, they want their private life especially teenagers. Parents should use some techniques in order to set some rules and boundaries for their children, then enforce that rules on them. Enforcing rules may take time so parents should not be hurry because it may have bad impact but when your child starts to follow those rules, the result or effect will be good.

Digital Parenting: How to proactively enforce your rules
Digital Parenting: How to proactively enforce your rules

It Is Not About Outsmarting Your Children 

As a parent, you should stay with your children especially when technology is involved. But it is difficult to stay with them every time because technology is everywhere. Parents should take more appropriate steps for their child safety from internet. If your child is enough mature to understands the harms of internet, his desire will be to follow the rules and stay in boundaries set by you. It will be good for his safety. Parents should not try to defeat their children in technology usage; in fact they should work for their safety.

How to Create Balance in Safety

If your child is not getting your point and suffering from internet dangers and people who are ready to exploit them, you try to exceed the boundaries or pass beyond the limits you have set for them. Also you try a strict way to enforce rules on them. Then they feel that their child will follow the rules to stay safe, but it’s a misunderstanding of parents. Because it’s a fact that the kid always try to do those activities from which his parents stop him. Using this way the parents do not even understand that it will have a bad effect on their children. This is not a fault of parents; it’s their problem because they are worried about their child safety. There is a solution; you should keep a balance while setting and enforcing rules. Then try to realize your children that following these rules is good for their safety, comfort and happiness. Also you should be confident that enforcing these rules will secure your child and you should not be worried about your child’s reaction.

Being a Good Parent All the Time 

Being good parents is difficult but being good digital parents is far more difficult, because of generation gap. The parents are not familiar with technology like their children, for being a good digital parent you should fill the generation gap and show your children that you are interested in internet and technology like them. In this way they will like to share with you all about technology. Digital parenting is like real world parenting. You should not fear from being good digital parents just use the same skills that you use in real world. Guide your child in a friendly way about the harms of internet and ask him to use it for advantage. This will release your stress also.


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