Designing a Side Yard Garden #DIY

Designing a Side Yard Garden #DIY

Designing a side yard garden is a lot harder than a front or backyard garden because of the shape and space available to you. A lot of side yards go untended, and are overlooked simply because most homeowners do not know what to do with them. With a little out of the box thinking, creative garden design tricks for small spaces and using favorite plants in new ways, the side yard of your home can easily become your favorite spot.

Like designing any other area of your yard and home, it is important that you look at the garden and how it will appear from many different angles, include from inside the home. Once you have a good idea of the spots that stand out the most, you can design from there to create a side yard that everyone can enjoy.

Designing a Side Yard Garden

Go Big

Most side yards give you a much smaller space with with to garden. Like any other small space design, you want to go with a couple big elements in the yard rather than a bunch of small items. So, whether you want to fill the space with plants, landscaping materials, garden sculptures or a combination of all of those, go big with what you choose. Larger elements help make any small space feel more substantial, even when they take up more space. For this, you may call Riverside Tree Experts for the best results.

Create a Mirror Effect

Another great design feature in small gardens is the creation of a mirror effect that you can do with plants and garden elements. Whatever you do to one end of the side yard, make sure you do on the other side. This doesn’t just apply to plants, but to landscaping materials as well.

Lead With Design

Because it is a side yard, the narrow space will naturally pull the eye further back, so lead people in with design. A small footpath that leads around the corner, flowers that grow in size or deepen in color as they progress further back or a fenced entryway at the rear of the garden are all great ways to accomplish this. Step into the center of the yard when you are designing and make sure that from every point there is something pulling you further into the garden. Use plants with height, such as vines and small trees to help create some cover and pull the garden together.

Design With Color

Because you are creating such a small garden space, it is important that you use color, but there are some dos and don’ts. Try to stick with one or two colors in such a confined space like this. Also, green is a perfectly fine dominant color to use in a small garden like a side yard. When there is a lot of green, or a lot of one other color the garden gives off a lush and thriving appearance.

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